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Why Choose Solar Power Warning Lights for Highways?

Today, municipalities and DOTs (Department of Transportation) have several options when it comes to traffic warning systems. With growing populations and rising numbers of vehicles on the roads, the potential for more traffic hazards increases. Maybe it’s a school or pedestrian crosswalk, or you want to warn drivers of a specific road condition. All traffic warning signals require a power source. You can choose AC power from the grid, but you may want to consider solar power warning lights and the many benefits it offers.
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“TIGERS” Made Safer with HAWK Crosswalk

Frenship High School in Wolfforth, TX installed a solar powered HAWK/hybrid pedestrian crosswalk. Early one morning before dawn a student using the un-signalized crosswalk from the parking lot across from the school was struck and killed by a truck. The school principle, city manager, and other city officials along with the local TxDOT district worked together to find a solution.

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Emergency Vehicle Warning System – Function and Features

An emergency vehicle warning system is an activated flashing beacon supported by a W11-8 sign to let motorists know when an emergency vehicle is in the process of leaving its parking bay and entering traffic. In the traffic industry, these systems are sometimes called Emergency Vehicle Caution Systems (EVCS), and are crucial to maintaining safety on the roadways outside of public service facilities.
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Controlling Traffic for Pedestrian Safety

As a pedestrian, crossing the street can be dangerous, especially when it is nighttime, raining, or a highly congested street. Additionally, the MPH speed limit adds an additional hazardous condition the higher it is. It can also present dangers to motorists who may have to stop abruptly, or create congestion in high traffic areas. The solution to these issues is to have the safest pedestrian crossing approved in the traffic industry. Continue reading

Traffic Warning Signals Play a Critical Safety Role

Traffic warning signals play an important role when it comes to the safety of both pedestrians and motorists. The nation’s highways and roads have areas that are more prone to accidents due to blind or sharp curves, slippery when wet pavement as a few examples. When a street or highway is identified has having higher incident rates, a traffic warning systems can be installed to mitigate the possible accidents making it safer for motorist and/or pedestrians. At Electrotechnics Corporation (ELTEC), we provide a number of different systems that incorporate traffic warning signals.
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