DLPRO 17E has been discontinued. 

DLPRO 18 is used as the replacement — https://elteccorp.com/products/time-clocks/dlpro-18/

Additional Information


ELTEC’s DLPRO software is the programming platforms for the NTC17E, TC-18, and TC-3000 time clocks. DLPRO provides the user with an intuitive graphic user interface to program and manage multiple schedules and easily download them to each clock using the transfer cable (NTC17E) ,USB interface cable (TC-18), or remote internet connection. The software for the TC-18 and TC-3000 additionally provides an interface to test clock functionality, maintain DST settings, and synchronize the clocks time and date to the host computer.  Each time clock has a different version of DLPRO. The NTC17E uses DLPRO17E, the TC-18 uses DLPRO18, and the TC-3000 uses DLPRO3000.

DLPRO 17E was designed as a user friendly windows based program which allows the user to create a program for Eltec’s NTC 17E time clock on a PC and then transfer the program to a NTC 17E time clock. The user may also upload a program from a NTC 17E time clock to the PC. Other functionality included in DLPRO 17E includes:

  • Copy one program to a different program
  • Rename a program
  • Sort programs by program name
  • Set/Change passwords
  • Set time mode
  • Enable/disable/change Daylight Savings Time (DST)
  • Update the time in the NTC 17E time clock from the PC
  • Import an old data base


  • Develop an annual program including exceptions & transfer it directly to the clock
  • Print annual program for hard copy record restoration in the event of a computer failure
  • Save back-up programs for restoration in the event of a computer failure
  • Sort steps by starting time
  • Sort exceptions by starting date
  • Disable/enable Daylight Savings Time
  • Copy one annual program to another annual program for easy editing

DLPRO Software Kit

The DLPRO 17E software kit consists of a CD, User Manual, a (6′) program transfer cable and a RJ12 to DB9 serial port adaptor. The cable is used to transfer programming from the computer to the clock as well as transferring programs between the time clocks: clock to clock.

A 25 foot transfer cable is available upon request. (Part number: 860391ODOT) Please contact ELTEC or your local Dealer for a current price.

DLPRO 17E software

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