Welcome to ELTEC

Welcome to Electrotechnics Corporation, or more commonly known in the traffic industry as ELTEC. For nearly 50 years, we have been a world class manufacturer and innovator in traffic control signs, traffic safety equipment and overall traffic control products.

As a preferred traffic industry supplier of warning systems and products for many municipalities, State Departments of Transportation and local contractors, we pride ourselves in providing a valuable service with traffic control products.

Mission Statement

ELTEC is a world class provider of engineered traffic systems and solar powered solutions with an emphasis on programmable timing products and pedestrian safety. ELTEC is sought out for exceptional quality, delivery, service, and customer support.

World-Class Manufacturer of Traffic Products

Among your traditional traffic control signs and traffic safety equipment, ELTEC is also a leader in designing and manufacturing time switches to meet traffic safety uses. Why would you need a time clock or switch with your traffic control products?

Time switches can save money by allowing you to program flashing crosswalk beacons in school zones remotely. This eliminates the need for technicians to manually go to every traffic control sign and individually program them.

At the same time, utilizing our TimeSync- GPS units, we can prevent intersection controller time drift. This ensures that the traffic flow is steady and not being delayed by wayward traffic control signs. By networking all of your traffic control products, they will all be synced up and provide the most optimum flow of traffic, eliminating bottlenecks or stop and go traffic conditions.

At ELTEC, we are a leading LED traffic signal manufacturer within the traffic industry. Combined with our time switch and networking abilities, we can provide optimum traffic solutions to your traffic issues.

Warning Systems and Intelligent Warning Systems

At ELTEC, we strive to provide traffic safety solutions and warning systems to suit the needs of the transportation industry. ELTEC specializes in providing solar power designs. We can create unique, customizable caution systems to solve a wide variety of traffic issues. Our solar powered pedestrian crossing lights is one such product.

Within the traffic industry, ELTEC is a leader in providing clients with various warning systems. This can include flashing school zone lights, along with three styles of pedestrian crossings; rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB), HAWK crosswalk, and standard round flashing beacons. While many of these are standard within the traffic industry, we also have unique systems as well. Through our extensive experience, we have developed solutions including HAR (Highway Advisory Radio), over height truck detection, wet road and high water/flood detection & warning, as well as emergency vehicle warning systems.

Customizable Systems

Many of ELTEC’s traffic control signs, traffic control products and all of our AC and DC/solar powered warning systems are customizable to meet your project needs and specifications. This allows text to be added to just about anything, including our flood detection systems, message signs to any caution system, or radar speed signs to school zone systems to support traffic calming. This level of customization can greatly enhance the safety aspect of our traffic control products.

ELTEC is proud to be a leader in the traffic industry by providing traffic safety equipment and traffic control products. Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need. Call us now at 800-227-1734 to discuss your traffic product and warning system needs or request a free quote online today!