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Systems for Flood Warning & Detection

Water on the roads can be a danger to drivers whether it’s wet and slippery conditions, or a full on flood. With ELTEC’s newly designed sensor, it’s possible to detect both conditions and alert motorists to unsafe conditions on the road.

There are several distinct features for both the wet road detection system and the high water detection system. Both systems employ ELTEC’s unique solid state, non-corrosive sensor, which is capable of operating in sea/salt, brackish, fresh water and icy slush. The sensor will not function in full ice, however.

When the sensor gets wet, it activates and applies power to one of two signal systems. It may directly activate a flashing beacon, or it may activate a transmitter which signals remote beacons to begin flashing. The flashing beacons may be incorporated on the detector pole if desired.

The sensor continues to operate and activate the flood warning systems or wet road warning signals as long as it detects sufficient water. As the water recedes or evaporates, the detection circuit will be broken. For direct activation systems, the flashers will stop operating, and for the remote systems, the transmitter will send a clear/reset signal to terminate the remote LED flashing.

Both the flood warning system and the wet road warning system can be AC or DC powered.

Flood Detection & Warning System with Gate Closure
Flood Detection Systems & Warning Systems with Gate Closure

Flood Warning System for Roads
Staged Flood Sensors: Three Different Reports

Bridge Underpass with Flood Sensor and Solar Powered Control Pole
Bridge Underpass with Flood Sensor and Solar Powered Control Pole


For areas prone to flooding or waters rising above the roadway, flood warning systems or high water signs may be required. ELTEC’s flood warning system utilizes a pole mounted, submersible sensor housed in galvanized piping. Once the water makes contact and rises above the sensor, two stainless steel electrodes close the circuit and activate the flashing beacons or transmitter. As long as the flood waters are detected, the activated LEDs will flash continuously to alert motorists.


Wet road sensor embedded in street

Wet road sensor embedded in street

While not all roads are flood risks, some are slip risks based on their shape, material, and condition. With an embedded roadside sensor, it’s possible to detect adverse conditions and activate “SLOW DOWN” or “SLIPPERY WHEN WET” warning signals to alert motorists.

ELTEC’s sensor is embedded in the pavement near the outer edge of the roadway shoulder, or if this is impractical, it can be installed in a concrete core alongside the road. Each sensor is level and flush with surrounding pavement, featuring up to 50 feet of wire to connect the sensor with nearby flasher systems.

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  • No Mechanical Float Switches: Jam Resistant and Won’t Wear Out
  • Immune to Trash and Debirs
  • Won’t Rust or Corrode
  • Operates in Sea/Salt, Brackish, and Fresh Water
  • No Exposed Wires: No Sparks, Waterproof Pole Housing
  • Beacon Stays Active as Long as Flood Waters are Detected

The high water warning system offers additional, optional features to enhance the system’s effectiveness. Multiple sensors may be added to trigger specific actions with each level of flooding. For example, the lowest sensor would activate the flashing beacons, while the second lowest sensor would lower protective gates.

We can also add additional devices, such as camera or radio, to the system to add a versatile level of communication. It can:

  • Report flooding to a central location
  • Send alert emails through the internet
  • Make phone calls with a pre-recorded message announcing that a specific site has flooded.

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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