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Solar Powered Flashing Beacon Systems for School Zones

Since 1968, ELTEC has been a leading provider of programmable time clocks for flashing beacons in school zones. These time clocks provide an option for improved safety in school zones thanks to automated, programmable activations. They can be scheduled as far our as an entire school year.

In some cases the school zone layout is best served by using a primary cabinet, which communicates with the secondary units positioned around the perimeter of the school. This allows for a synchronized ON/OFF position for the solar powered flashing beacons at the scheduled times. Thanks to a wireless communication system between poles, the flashing light activation is possible with no trenching or boring to run wires, cables, or conduit between systems.

Custom Configuration

Our systems can be configured with one or two amber/yellow flashing signals per pole. Standard installations consist of two or more poles, each facing a set direction. Affixed to each pole, there is a cabinet housing electronic controls, a programmable time clock, and a flasher. For solar powered units, the cabinet will also contain a solar charge controller and battery, with a solar panel and rack mounted on each pole.

As with other ELTEC technology, our school zone flashing beacon system may be AC or DC (solar) powered. Each signal is activated by a time clock, which can be programmed to match the individual needs of the installation area. For time clock options, we offer NTC-17E or SYSTEM 3000, and a DC flasher (FS3).

Other Options

The hardware and other components of the installation may vary or be adjusted based on the location or needs of the district.

For example, mounting hardware for the cabinet and signal heads will be determined by the size and type of pole used. Additionally, some municipalities require a “tattle-tale” light, which confirms that the school light is functioning and active according to its schedule.

ELTEC’s Solar Powered School Zone Systems meet all Federal Highway Administration MUTCD specifications and ITE standards.

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A standard school zone solar powered flashing beacon system includes poles, flashing beacon(s) in housing heads (polycarbonate or aluminum) with visors and an electronics cabinet with a time clock, flasher and pre-assembled wiring for easy installation.

  • AC or DC solar powered
  • System flexibility: Tailored to meet requirements
  • Programmable flashing with ELTEC time clock
  • 8” or 12” LED Signal Heads: no price difference
  • AC: optional battery back-up
  • Meets MUTCD specifications and ITE Standards

When AC power is not available or practical, solar power is the solution. ELTEC’s solar powered school zone system uses high efficient solar panels that come with a 20 year warranty. Each system is sized according to geographical location and electrical load to ensure optimal effectiveness, guaranteeing sufficient power for the solar powered flashing beacons. Below are additional features for the DC (solar) units.

  • Self Contained
  • Top or Side-of-Pole Mounting Rack
  • No Power Interruption
  • No Trenching or Boring for Cable
  • No Electrical Bills
  • Solid State FS-Flasher
  • Maintenance Free AGM battery: 5 year pro-rated warranty
  • Electrical Contractors Not Required for Installation
  • Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display showing Battery Voltage, Charge Current, and Load Current
  • High Efficiency Self Cleaning Solar Modules: 20 Year Warranty
  • Sized by Computer Program: ensures power-generated meets/exceeds load requirements. ELTEC supplies a solar analysis report at no cost
  • Signal Light Intensity is NOT Reduced as a Function of Battery Voltage during Long Operating Time. Beacons Stay Bright and Effective!
  • Flash Rate is Constant at Selected Rate: does NOT vary as a function of battery voltage


Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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