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Radar Speed Display & Message Systems

Traffic Cloud Program Management: Effective, Efficient and Feature Rich

• Remote Connectivity: access all locations. Monitor and manage signs and information
• Administration: check status, change messages, configure settings. Updated account information available via web connected computer
• Reports: all inclusive reports with graphs speed and volume data, 85th percentile statistics, pace speed
• Graphics Capable: create custom symbols (bicycles, trucks, pedestrians, chevrons, etc.) for unique applications such as warning/hazard signs
• Alerts: real-time e-mail/text alerts for tampering, low battery, high speeds, congestion
• Drive Times: no infrastructure required for ‘time to destination’ computing
• Location Identification: visual mapping of each equipment deployed. Click-on icon to check individual settings.
• Image Management: captures images based on speeds, tampering, time intervals


All ELTEC traffic systems (AC or solar powered) arecustomized and designed to address issues or project specification. Our radar speed and message display systems are MUTCD compliant—only amber LEDs as specified in the federal MUTCD manual are used.

Driver feedback signs are more effective than speed limitsigns. Studies have shown radar speed displays result in a 10-20% reduction in average speeds and increase compliance with the posted speed limit by 30-60%.

ELTEC offers a variety of radar speed display systems (AC and solar powered) for every type of thoroughfare and issue. We offer three different sizes of radar signs: 12-, 15- and 18-
inches. The 18” is a combined Radar/Message sign providing drivers with precise messages triggered at specific speeds.

Choose sign features that meet your needs: standard speed display, custom messages, or cloud-based management.

RRFB with signs on both sides
RRFB Wrap Around Light Bar with Pedestrian Verification Signal

Solar Powered HAWK Pedestrian Crosswalk Mounted on Mast Arm
Solar Powered HAWK Pedestrian Crosswalk Mounted on Mast Arm

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Features and Options Include:

• Radar speed display and/or combination radar feedback with variable message: large, lighted speed display to slow traffic.
• Speed dependent messaging: customized messages directed toward drivers at specific speeds
• Programmable options: flashing speed and violator strobes when motorist exceeds set parameter; scheduled daily or weekly
• Data collection: speed and volume; 85th percentile; stealth setting for collecting baseline traffic data

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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