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ELTEC’s FS-4 DC flasher for solar powered traffic warning systems combines the functionality of both the FS-3 and a timer.  It uses solid state circuitry and an integrated microprocessor for multiple programming options with minimal power consumption. Flash time is set by two rotary switches for flash time up to 99 seconds after activation. It can be used where there is a ready source of 11.4VDC-30VDC, but can also be integrated into AC systems (power supply added.)

The FS-4 is interchangeable; the dimensions are the same as the FS-3, FS-2A and FS-2B.  When programming the flash pattern for a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) pedestrian crossing, FHWA approved Wig-Wag plus Simultaneous (WW+S) flash pattern are offered.



1.64”H x 5.5”L x 2.65”W

Input Voltage Range

11.4VDC to 30VDC

Maximum Load Power

40 Watts per Output Circuit

Temperature Range

-20° C to +74° C

Flash Rates

75 FPM for RRFB patterns; 55 FPM for Wig-Wag patterns

Flash time after activation

0 to 99 seconds

Night Dimming

Automatic via Photocell (may be disabled)

Night Run Only

Enabled/Disabled via Internal Switch

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  • Low Power Consumption
  • Multipurpose Programming
  • Multiple Flash Patterns
    • Round Beacons: Wig-Wag
      • Duty Cycle of 50% ON/OFF (2 LEDs)
    • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB)
      • WW+S
  • Night Run Only Feature: Dusk to Dawn
  • Optional Night Dimming (with photo cell)
  • Flash for set time after activation

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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