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ELTEC’s LED sign includes vividly enhanced LEDs to capture the driver’s attention. The LED sign boosts visibility to save lives by improving intersection safety. The LED sign is part of ELTEC’s easy to install, internet-connectable line of products for new or existing locations and is available in Solar or AC power. Our LEDs have high visibility in day or night settings which increases the awareness of drivers to notice upcoming roadway conditions.

  • Increased driver awareness at high incident locations
  • Slender design
  • Simple installation in new or existing locations
  • Intense LED luminosity visible day or night
  • MUTCD complaint
  • Solar Power and AC capability
  • IOT integration available (Eltec’s IoTraffic)
  • Numerous signs can be integrated together in a mesh network
  • PWM-controlled multi-LED assemblies optimize brightness, power consumption & longevity
  • Standard or custom signs are available (adaptable to various roadway signage)
  • Multiple LED flash patterns
  • Visible in various weather conditions


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When you choose ELTEC IoTraffic, you choose the most advanced and efficient traffic safety signs available. Some of the benefits of IoTraffic LED enhanced signs include:

  • Increased driver awareness at high incident locations
    With so many traffic safety signs, even the best drivers can unintentionally ignore important traffic signs. Our IoTraffic LED-enhanced signs prevent drivers from “tuning out” with attention-grabbing LED traffic lights. And because all IoTraffic control signs are remotely programmable, clients can easily set their LED IoTraffic lights to only flash or light up at certain times of day, preventing drivers from growing numb to the lights.
  • Slender design
    Unlike some other LED enhanced traffic safety signs, ELTEC’s IoTraffic LED enhanced signs are never bulky, making them more attractive on the roadway.
  • Simple installation in new or existing locations
    ELTEC makes it easy to add LED enhanced signs and IoTraffic lights to any roadway location. Whether you opt for the AC or DC energy options, your IoTraffic system will be fully operational in no time.
  • Intense LED luminosity visible day and night
    At any time of day or night, drivers can easily see IoTraffic LED enhanced signs thanks to the brightness and clarity of our top-quality LED lights.
  • Visible in various weather conditions
    Even in intense fog or severe storms, drivers will still see our LED IoTraffic lights. Even our solar-powered lights remain bright and visible in dark and stormy conditions.
  • Multiple LED flash patterns
    Varying flash patterns further increase driver awareness. Our IoTraffic lights can be programmed with multiple flash patterns for effective traffic warnings.
  • MUTCD compliant
    All ELTEC and IoTraffic safety signs are MUTCD (Manual and Uniform Traffic Control Devices) compliant, meaning that they meet or exceed the highest industry standards for traffic control signs and devices. If your road signs or traffic control devices have fallen out of MUTCD compliance, ELTEC’s IoTraffic lights and signs are an ideal way to restore compliance and increase safety.
  • Solar Power (DC) and AC capability
    We offer both AC and DC/solar-powered LED enhanced signs. Our solar-powered LED lights are reliable and powerful, never dimming in dark or cloudy conditions.
  • IOT integration available (IoTraffic)
    One of the most exciting features available with our LED enhanced signs is our IoTraffic or internet integration options. With IoTraffic internet integration, clients can actually save money by avoiding unnecessary field visits to program traffic control signs. Time clocks and programmable timing options allow you to easily program your IoTraffic lights remotely. You can even receive alerts and updates directly from your IoTraffic signs if a problem arises.
  • Numerous signs can be integrated together in a mesh network
    Programming multiple LED enhanced signs can be tedious and complicated–– but not with ELTEC’s IoTraffic safety systems. Instead of programming multiple signs individually, IoTraffic technology allows you to link signs together for easy and unified programming even when signs are several miles from one another. This option is particularly useful for areas such as school zones or high-incident locations that need multiple LED enhanced flashing signs.
  • PWM-controlled multi-LED assemblies
    Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with our solar-powered LED lights. Any of our LED systems, both AC and DC, feature PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)-controlled assemblies. In short, PWM allows for greater energy efficiency, optimizing the brightness, power consumption, and longevity of your LED enhanced IoTraffic system.
  • Standard and custom signs
    Whether you need something as simple as a STOP sign or a completely customized product, ELTEC can help. Our LED and IoTraffic systems are adaptable to various roadway signage, allowing you to utilize advanced LED technology and programming on even the most unique custom signs.


LED enhanced IoTraffic signs are the ideal solution for many traffic control needs, including:

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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