DLPRO 17E Software updates Mar-Apr ’10

05 29 2014
Time Clocks/School Zones/DLPRO Software

NTC-17E Software ‘Gets Better with Age’

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For over 40 years ELTEC has been manufacturing programmable time clocks for the traffic industry. ELTEC’s DLPRO 17E software is used to program the NTC-17E series (AC, DC, 1, 2, or 4 relays) from a computer. Annual programs including all exceptions are downloaded once a year.


The NTC-17E time clock has always had the op-tion of being password protected. Now, the DL-PRO 17E software has a new security feature. The improved version offers password protection for modifying programming. The system administrator determines who has permission to change existing schedule(s). Up to 5 individuals can have the privilege. Once logged in, the user has the authority to overwrite/change a program. Personnel not given permis-sion can still upload and download schedules to and from clocks, but changes to the schedule are not permitted. With-out a password, personnel can save a different program as new, but cannot replace any existing schedules.

Additionally, the enhanced DLPRO 17E software now prints programs for all “Program Names” with one “click” (selec-tion). Previously, only a single “Program Name” would print at a time.

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