LED Enhanced Signs

ELTEC’s IoTraffic™ LED enhanced signs include vividly enhanced LEDs to capture the driver’s attention. The IoTraffic LED sign boosts visibility to save lives by improving intersection safety. The IoTraffic LED sign is part of ELTEC’s easy to install, internet-connectable line of products for new or existing locations and is available in Solar or AC power. Our LEDs have
high visibility in day or night settings which increases the awareness of drivers to notice upcoming roadway conditions.

Introducing ELTEC’s IoTraffic Series LED Enhanced Sign
All of ELTEC’s IoTraffic products have as an available option full internet connectivity. IoTraffic products are cloud connected devices enabling remote monitoring of your traffic devices. Reduce unnecessary field visits by using IoTraffic to remotely make changes to your products. ELTEC’s IoTraffic can also be configured to send various types of automated alerts.

• Increased driver awareness at high incident locations
• Slender design
• Simple installation in new or existing locations
• Intense LED luminosity visible day and night
• MUTCD compliant
• Solar Power and AC capability
• IOT integration available (Eltec’s IoTraffic)
• Numerous signs can be integrated together in a mesh network
• PWM-controlled multi-LED assemblies optimize brightness, power consumption and longevity
• Standard or custom signs are available (adaptable to various roadway signage)
• Multiple LED flash patterns
• Visible in various weather conditions

• Stop Signs
• School Zones
• Pedestrian Crosswalk locations
• Rural Roadways
• Advance Warnings
• Speed Limit Signs
• Fire Station Warning Signs
• Any Custom Sign adaptation requested