Solutions for Spot Devices’ School Beacons (IMSA Jan/Feb ’15)

05 11 2015
Time Clocks/School Zones/DLPRO Software

When the SIMA software service was discontinued, remote communication and programming to Spot Devices’ school zones systems was no longer possible; nor was there a means for programming at the pole. For the MODOT (Missouri) Southwest District, ELTEC designed a cost-effective solution while salvaging as many parts as possible. Specifically, the cabinet, battery, charge controller, solar panel, and beacon were reused.

A voltage booster circuit was integrated inside ELTEC’s TC- 18 programmable time clock. The circuit board converts the 5 VDC solar panel and battery to 12 VDC powering the TC-18 time clock and LED. By simply mounting the clock inside the cabinet and connecting four wires, MODOT was back in business.

All TC-18 time clocks include a built-in DC flasher and operate on either AC or DC (solar). The keypad allows direct on- site programming, but it is computer programmable using the DLPRO 18 Software.

Every TC-18 is upgradable to become a TC-3000 time clock, an IP/network clock for remote programming and communication. All Spot Devices’ school zone systems have the option of being retrofitted with the TC-3000.

For more information or a quote on a Spot Devices retrofit: Phone: 800.227.1745;  Email or contact your local ELTEC Dealer ELTECCORP.