SYSTEM 3000 Network/IP Programmable Time Clock

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IP Programmable Time Clock

We have a host of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) products and systems; ELTEC’s SYSTEM 3000 is one of them.

The remote monitoring and management of your school zone flashing beacon systems with our SYSTEM 3000 IP addressable time clock reduces/eliminates the need to send technicians for updating or modifying school schedules or on-site trouble shooting.

Using your available Internet or private intranet, Ethernet, area Wi-Fi or cellular modem along with RF technology, it provides real-time closed-looped management from a central computer. If the cellular option is not necessary, no additional charges are incurred—annually or ever!

The SYSTEM 3000 consists of three items:

  • DLPRO 3000 software
  • LANG 3000 (gateway)
  • TC-3000 time clock.

System communication is established over the network utilizing a secure, IP addressable dedicated port on the host computer and a LANG 3000, positioned anywhere there’s a network connection. The LANG 3000 placement is flexible. For example, it can be placed in an office across town or the state, in an intersection cabinet, or at the school itself. The LANG can also be paired with a cell modem at a flasher pole where, in addition to serving as a gateway, it doubles as a beacon controller for that pole.


A spread spectrum RF virtual private network (VPN) is created between the LANG 3000 and its associated TC-3000 time clocks.

The SYSTEM 3000 provides immediate 2-way communication with real-time monitoring and control displaying clock and LANG status. With the DLPRO 3000 software console, information about system performance is displayed. Within seconds of sending commands the system returns a confirmation of message reception. At any time, a single clock, group of clocks or all clocks can be interrogated to verify status.

Our “Global Exceptions” command allows you to control ALL signals system wide. Signal/beacon activation can be delayed, initiated early, or deactivated for the day. Some reasons for the three actions are: harsh road conditions delay the start of the school day; early release day—bad weather approaching, or de-activate the signals should all schools be closed for the entire day (code red).

Front of Time Clock
TC-3000 (time clock)

LANG 3000
LANG 3000 (gateway)

The LANG 3000 communicates and stores up to six different schedules for up to 20 TC-3000 time clocks per schedule (120 clock capacity per gateway). Each school schedule includes the Monday-Friday (default) schedule, holidays (no school days) and up to 365 exception days per year.

Upgrading and replacing your existing time clock with a TC-3000 is simple. The dimensions allow plug-and-play replacement of the current clock using the same back panel. Depending on the brand, the cable harness may remain the same.

An inherent function of the SYSTEM 3000 is its’ repeater capability. A distant clock beyond the range of the LANG 3000 can utilize up to five (5) intermediate clocks to create and support a communication pathway.

The system offers automatic problem reporting. Warning or failure texts or email messages are sent to the technicians on call as well as other designated individuals to report low voltage conditions, communication faults or any manual overrides. All annual programs are downloaded into non-volatile memory and are stored in both the LANG 3000 and the TC-3000 time clock. Should there be a system communication interruption, the flashing beacons continue to operate as scheduled, and of course, an email and/or text message notification is sent.

Owning DLPRO 3000 software allows full control and independence of your school zone systems for years, eliminating contracts/arrangements for hosting the programs, which avoids exposure/vulnerability as well as possible future fees.

Over-the-air DLPRO 3000 software updates are provided at no charge.

The TC-3000 time clock has an internal DC flasher and is equipped with one or up to two (optional) independent output relays.

Both the TC-3000 time clock and LANG 3000 operate on either 120VAC or 12VDC (solar).

The SYSTEM 3000 operates as a stand-alone time based controller, allowing it to be used anywhere a time based relay output controller is required.

The DLPRO 3000 software runs on Windows operating systems (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).



8 ¼”H x 4 ¼”W x 1 ¾” D


2 Lines x 16 Characters LCD


16-Key, Telephone Style for Direct Programming

Outputs (TC-3000 only)

1 or 2 SPDT, Rated at 16A/120VAC

Back-up Power

Capacitive: 7 day Minimum; 60 Day Typical

Supply Voltage

6-22 VDC/85-260 VAC; 47-440Hz

Power Required

2.5 Watts

Internal DC Flasher

12/24 VDC 60 Watts

Temperature Range

-34° C to +74° C

Electrical Connection

CPC with 48 inch Cable

NOTE: An additional 2 inches of clearance is required in the cabinet below the LANG 3000 and the TC-3000 for the CPC (circular plastic connector) connection.

Additional Information


  • Real-Time Process Control
  • Non-volatile Memory for Storing Program Schedule
  • Capacitive Backup of Date/Time: 7 Days Minimum; 60 days Typical
  • Display Assistance for Clock Programming
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time and Leap Year Adjustments
  • Automatically Tracks and Maintains Time for the Host Computer
  • Built-in Flasher Circuit
  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • Holidays: Up to 20 with Unlimited Number of Days
  • LANG Schedule Capacity: Up to 120 clocks, 6 Individual Programs



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