School Zone Messages

01 05 2023


A school zone warning sign is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure the safety of all students. It is important to remember to help protect students of all ages, not just elementary age. Older age student safety is often overlooked in this regard. In fact, over 50% of all pedestrian deaths nationwide are teenagers, so it is extremely important that it not go overlooked. A variety of factors contribute to negative outcomes with it comes to driving through school zones such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard breaking. The bottom line is that better signage means better safety for everyone involved.

Radar based feedback signs have been proven to be extremely effective in improving school zone safety. Placement of any signage, regardless of verbiage, is also extremely important. Make sure that signs are placed in enough advance of the school and extremely visible. It doesn’t do any good if signs are hidden behind the elements or nature such as a large sign overgrown tree. Speed bumps are also often used in conjunction with a school zone warning. The combination of the two together often results in excellent school safety rates.

Some of the most common school warning signs include listing if a school bus stop is ahead or if children are playing. It is also important that accurate placement of pedestrian crossing signs are taken care of as well as student pick-up and drop-off area signs. Our goal is to help make sure that every student in every location is as safe as possible. We’re always available to help discuss your unique location and situation to ensure the safety of everyone involved.