24 Hour Warning Systems


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Warning or Caution Systems (24 Hour Warning Systems) are designed to alert approaching motorists of an impending or possibly dangerous condition. Some examples are (but are not limited to):

  • Signal or STOP ahead
  • Dangerous curve or intersection ahead
  • Excessive speed
  • Oversized vehicle must exit: low overhead ahead
  • Watch for emergency vehicles
  • Pedestrian crossings (not activated by a push button)

Each system provided by ELTEC is built for the specific application specified by you, the end-user. The power source may be either AC or solar powered DC.

​A typical installation consists of two or more poles with either one or two flashing LEDs per pole (yellow/amber or red.) Each pole supports a ventilated, locked (a Corbin lock can be substituted for the standard police lock), brushed aluminum cabinet that houses the electronic controls. If the unit is solar powered, a charge controller and batteries are also housed inside the cabinet, and solar panels with racks (either side-of-pole or top-of-pole) are mounted on each pole.

​ Should a 24 hour warning system need to be ON in only certain conditions, some options are:

  • Radar: beacons start flashing when safe speed is exceeded
  • Fog alerts: visibility sensor activates beacons
  • High water or wet road sensor See Flood Detection & Warning Systems

​When AC power is not available or practical to power the LED’s, it’s essential that the 24-Hour warning signals be reliable; never going dark due to lack of sufficient power.

​ELTEC’s 24 Hour Warning Systems are sized by a sophisticated computer program. It considers:

  • Power generated by the solar panels at the installation latitude
  • Power consumed by the load; guaranteeing sufficient power
  • Geographical location: accounts for number of sunny & cloudy days in the area
  • System is correctly sized: never oversized or undersized

This means ELTEC’s solar powered 24 hour systems work just as well in the northern snow belt as in the southern sun belt. Our sizing analysis guarantees sufficient power for the solar powered flashing beacons - the light intensity never fades and the flasher rate never decreases!

Traffic Light Ahead Flashing Beacon
24 Hour Traffic Warning with Sign Night Light

Stop Light Warning System
Solar Powered Warning

Additional Information

Below are additional features for (DC) solar units.

  • Self Contained
  • Top or Side-of-Pole Mounting Rack
  • No Power Interruption
  • No Trenching or Boring for Cable
  • No Electrical Bills
  • Electrical Contractors/Technicians Not Required for Installation
  • High Efficiency Self Cleaning Solar Modules with 20 year warranty
  • Controller with LCD Display Showing Battery Voltage, Solar Array and Load Current
  • Solid State Flasher. See FS-2A Flasher
  • Sealed Gel or AGM Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries with 5 Year (pro-rated) Warranty
  • Sized by Computer Program: Insures Power Generated meets/exceeds Load Requirements
  • LED Light Intensity is NOT Reduced as a Function of Battery Voltage During Long Operating Times—lights stay bright!
  • Flash Rate is Constant at Selected Rate: Does Not Vary as a Function of Battery Voltage

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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