Mikros EIC – ELTEC’s Intelligent Traffic Controller

ELTEC’s Mikros EIC is the latest version of our traffic signal controller. Giving you the lowest power consumption in the industry, it even allows for stand-alone traffic signals to be solar powered. This is a super efficient, completely self-contained DC signal controller, offering energy efficiency and reduced costs over time. As the solar-powered (DC) model is self-sufficient, it can be installed independent of a power grid, making it an ideal option traffic signal controller for remote locations or minimal install construction.

They are also available as AC models, continuing to keep energy consumption at an all-time low with extra features such as automatic night-dimming for optimal efficiency. There are even wireless communication options available to eliminate the need for trenching.

Featuring real-time conflict monitoring, the Mikros EIC ensures that the signal never fails. With easy and efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, your traffic controller can keep operating at maximum performance year round.

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Superefficient DC Controller for Solar Powered Traffic Applications

ELTEC’s state-of-the-art traffic controller and conflict monitor, the Mikros EIC offers the lowest power consumption in the industry, making stand-alone solar-powered traffic signals a reality. For hybrid beacon systems (like PHB (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon) pedestrian crosswalks and Emergency Vehicle Hybrid Beacons), this innovative controller represents a true paradigm shift in traffic signal controller design.

The Mikros EIC represents the latest advancement in solar-powered traffic safety equipment. As a completely self-contained solar-powered/DC traffic signal controller, the Mikros EIC eliminates electric bills. Its ultra-efficient power consumption means that you’ll never have to worry about power interruptions for your intelligent traffic systems.

Some clients are interested in solar-powered traffic safety equipment but aren’t sure if their location allows for enough solar energy. For this reason, ELTEC offers a customized solar sizing analysis that evaluates latitude, local site conditions, weather, and usage, ensuring sufficient power for your intelligent traffic systems even in winter months.

When solar power isn’t an option, AC compatible models are also available. Even our AC models are designed for minimal energy consumption. Features like automatic dusk-to-dawn night dimming allows your traffic safety equipment to operate at optimal energy efficiency.

The Mikros EIC’s robust and resilient electrical system make it stable even in “dirty power” (inconsistent power quality), and self-heating overload protection mechanisms ensure that your traffic signal controller will never fail due to overheating.

Easy to Install in Any Location

Before the Mikros EIC, installing hybrid beacon systems like PHB  was complicated and time-consuming, requiring complex integrations with existing power sources. Difficult and expensive installation processes postponed or prolonged introducing PHB systems, putting pedestrians at risk.

The Mikros EIC solves this problem. Because the solar-powered/DC model is fully self-sufficient, it can even be installed independent of a power grid, making it the ideal traffic safety system for remote locations. Available conversion packages enable you to use the Mikros EIC for traffic signal control, monitors, flasher, beacons, and other solar-powered systems.

Switching from less efficient, existing traffic signal controllers to the Mikros EIC is easy. With a compact size of 7” x 5.5”x 9”, the Mikros EIC will fit in most traffic signal controller cabinets. Both solar and AC units are compatible will small pole-mounted cabinets, helping you avoid bulky and difficult to install pad-mounted cabinets.

Finally, wireless communication options with military-quality radios eliminate the need for trenching.

Simple User Interface for System Status & Programming

Programming your Mikros EIC is uncomplicated. Each traffic signal controller is identical; one unit is programmed as the master unit, and the other as the secondary unit. The initial programming is done on site using toggle switch settings. All other programming is accomplished via menus utilizing the keypad.

The Mikros EIC offers a variety of programming options, making it perfect for almost any intelligent traffic system. Mikros EIC allows for pre-timed, actuated, or manual control capabilities, allowing you to choose the option that’s most appropriate for your traffic signal needs. We offer fully adjustable cycle timing, allowing the user to determine the flash duration for WALK/DON’T WALK sequencing or other interval-based intelligent traffic systems.

Wireless communication between each pole and its signals eliminates the need for trenching. And with reliable wireless control options, you can prevent unnecessary field visits to the unit, making some changes to your intelligent traffic system remotely. Military quality encryption ensures that your intelligent traffic system will be safe from interference.

The Mikros EIC traffic signal controller also offers continuous real-time conflict monitoring. You’ll be notified of issues like low battery voltage, monitor communication failure, conflicting signals, the absence of signal and more. The fail-safe mode ensures that the signal is maintained until the conflict has been resolved. This makes maintenance and troubleshooting easy and efficient, preventing dangerous prolonged issues with important traffic safety equipment.

Mikros EIC with Built-in Conflict Monitor
Mikros EIC with built-in conflict monitor

Solar Powered Traffic Controller Equipment
Solar Powered Mikros EIC

Start Using the Intelligent Traffic Controller, Mikros EIC

Life-saving intelligent traffic control systems like the PHB (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon) pedestrian crossing have never been easier to install thanks to the Mikros EIC. Contact us today to request a quote, schedule a solar sizing analysis, or learn more about the Mikros EIC.

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Reliable Power and Energy Efficiency

  • AC or Solar Powered/DC
  • Custom solar sizing analysis to ensure sufficient power even in winter
  • Sustainable Solar Charged DC Battery Power Providing Stable Operation
  • Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn Night Dimming
  • Robust Electronics: Stable Operation with ‘Dirty Power Grid’
  • Self-Healing Overload Protection

Easy and Versatile Programming Options

  • Reliable Wireless Control
    • Military Quality Radio Protocol & Encryption
    • Optional Hard-Wired Control
  • Continuous Real-Time Conflict Monitoring of all Outputs
    • Monitors Communication Failure
    • Signal Outputs: Current Used
    • Absence of Signal
    • Low Battery Voltage
    • Conflicting Signals
    • Failed Mode: Stay ON Until Resolved
  • Distributed Control and Monitoring
  • Versatile Hardware/Software
  • Pre-timed, Actuated or Manual Control Capabilities
  • Multiple Phasing Arrangements
  • Adjustable Cycle Timing: Flash Duration Determined by Purchaser
    • WALK/DON’T WALK Adjustable Sequencing: pedestrian & clearance intervals configurable
  • Programming: Four Progression Parameters

Easy Installation

  • Compact Size: 7”W x 5.5”D x 9”H
    • Can Fit in Most Existing Controller Cabinets
  • Can be installed apart from a power grid
  • Wireless communication options eliminate the need for trenching
  • Conversion Packages Available
    • Controller, Monitors, Flasher, Beacons and Solar Powered Systems

Quality Guaranteed

  • 25 Month Warranty
  • 50 years of experience in traffic safety equipment

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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