School Zone Safety Report

09 17 2014
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Every year, on average, 100 children are killed and 25,000 are injured walking to and from school, according to ATS. The company attributes many of these incidents to drivers who are distracted, speeding through school zones or illegally passing stopped school buses as children move toward or away from the bus. Enforcing traffic laws can help reduce these hazards, company officials said, but the demands on officers make it challenging for them to maintain a constant presence on school buses and in school zones on a daily basis.

ATS officials added the report shows automated enforcement is a proven deterrent to excessive speeding in school zones and the practice of illegally passing school buses that are stopped to let children on or off.

Results in the report show:

  • In Des Moines, Washington, the number of motorists speeding in front of Woodmont Elementary School decreased by 82% in the first six months of the city’s school zone speed safety camera program.
  • The city of Seattle has seen a 27% reduction in the number of violations issued since their school zone speed safety camera program started in December 2012.
  • In Georgia, the state with the highest number of school bus passing violations in the U.S., according to company officials, ATS’ CrossingGuard school bus stop arm safety cameras are reducing the threat to children from illegal passes. Violations decreased 50% in Cobb County, 53% in Muscogee County and 42% in Marietta after cameras were installed on buses to record illegal passes.

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