Improve Safety with School Zone Beacons

05 06 2017
Time Clocks/School Zones/DLPRO Software
April Spears

The importance of slower speeds when students are arriving or leaving school is key to their safety. At 10MPH a person has a 90% chance of survival. At 40 MPH the survival rate declines to 20%. Even though driver’s are required to learn the ‘rules of the road’, motorists continue to ignore or not notice the activated school zone flashing beacons alerting them to adhere to the posted, lower speed limit. The reason traffic warning systems from ELTEC exist is because certain high-risk areas or situations like school zones increase motorist compliance with added yellow flashing beacons to gain the driver’s attention to lower their speed. During certain times of the day, drivers need to be on the lookout for children crossing streets or school buses entering the roadway. At all times 10% of all motorists are using their cell phones; nearly 1 in 4 crashes involves driver distraction. One unfortunate circumstance leading to complications in school zones is that many schools end their session during peak traffic hours; more motorists equates to a higher probability of accidents/harm.

Advanced School Zone Beacons

ELTEC school zone beacons with the latest technology including SCADA, ensures the safety of children and drivers alike. ELTEC’s school zone beacons managed with 50 years of programmable time clock manufacturing experience are dependable. Our school zone clock line includes two standalone models: the NTC-17E and TC-18 time clocks. Both ensure the school zone amber signals always activate and turn off at the right time. All of our programmable time clocks can be programmed with the entire school year’s schedule avoiding reprogramming during the December holidays. By upgrading to the advanced SYSTEM 3000 which uses the TC-3000 IP time clock and DLPRO 3000 software, you can remotely monitor, manage and program your school zone beacons from anywhere allowing signal activation instantly. Connection options are flexible: internet, intranet, WiFi, or cell modem. Should a school need to have early dismissal due to a broken pipe (flooding) or an impending storm, the school zone beacons can be turned on immediately as students exit.
Our warning systems are powered either with AC from the electrical grid or DC solar power. All of our traffic warning systems meet FHWA and MUTCD requirements and ITE standards (when ITE LEDs are specified). Call our local Dealer or ELTEC to discuss your specific project at 800-227-1734 or visit our website ELTEC today!