Why Did The Horse Cross The Road (IMSA March-April ’15)

05 20 2015
Specialty Systems

Because it could and do so safely now; both horse and rider. It sounds like an old joke, but with ELTEC’s focus on specific customer needs, system design helps to keep a precious horse (many valued over $250,000) safe and traffic moving.

horse pedestrian crossing systemFrom November to May, several communities in Florida become “horse country”; 1000’s or more from around the world winter there. Several communities are “horse focused.” Ancillary businesses thrive in this sector. A McDonald’s has a corral to “park” horses, and has a separate “drive-up window” exclusively for those on horseback.

A Florida community once “trail territory” is now spotted with developments. Riders are leery when a trail crosses a road. In Wellington, Florida ELTEC’s pedestrian crossing system was customized to serve both riders and pedestrians. The horse/ pedestrian crossing includes two sets of push buttons; one at 72-inches allowing the rider to activate the system without dismounting; one at 36-inches for pedestrians and a dismounted rider.

The road is a T configuration. When activated, drivers turning right at the top of the T, do not intersect the horse/pedestrian crossing. But drivers turning left, turn into the crossing, but aren’t able to see the signals on the main road. To ensure a motorist does not turn into a horse and rider or pedestrian, a left turn flashing red arrow alerts the driver to stop before proceeding.

In Loxahatchee, ELTEC’s customized “horse and rider” caution system warns drivers 300 feet before the street is shared with the car. Again the system has the two pedestrian push buttons at different heights. When activated, it flashes for an extended period giving ample time for the horse and rider to clear the 600 foot section of shared roadway.

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Reprinted with permission from IMSA.