Traffic Safety Starts with School Beacons: Know the Types Used in Your Community

06 28 2023
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School beacons are an important part of traffic safety. Not only do they help alert drivers to the presence of a school, but they also help reduce the risk of an accident or injury by alerting drivers of children in the area. Knowing which type of school beacons are used in your community is essential for keeping your children safe as they walk or ride to and from school. In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of school beacons used for traffic safety and how they benefit your community.

Types of School Beacons

School beacons are essential tools for traffic safety around schools, especially during the
busy drop-off and pick-up times. There are several types of school beacons used in
communities, and each has a specific function to ensure the safety of children, parents, and

1. Flashing Light Beacons: These are the most common school beacons used in communities. They are composed of flashing amber lights placed on a pole near the school crossing. The flashing lights are usually triggered by a motion sensor or a button press, and they indicate the presence of pedestrians crossing.

2. Speed Limit Beacons: These school beacons help to slow down traffic and reduce speed near schools. They display the speed limit in a clear and visible manner and may be accompanied by flashing lights or signs to remind drivers to slow down.

3. LED School Zone Beacons: LED School Zone Beacons are similar to flashing light beacons, butthey have LED lights that are much brighter and more visible than regular flashing lights. These beacons are especially useful during low-light conditions or when there are obstructions blocking the view of regular beacons.

4. Virtual Beacon Systems: Virtual beacon systems use sensors and cameras to detect the presence of pedestrians and school buses. These systems activate LED lights on the road, creating a virtual crossing zone that helps alert drivers and reduce the risk of accidents.

5. Stop Sign Beacons: Stop Sign Beacons are used in school zones to alert drivers to thepresence of a stop sign and help reduce the risk of accidents. They have flashing LED lights on the stop sign that are triggered when the stop sign is activated.

Knowing the different types of school beacons in your community can help you understand their specific functions and their importance in ensuring the safety of students, parents, and drivers. Next, we will discuss how to choose the right school beacon for your community.

Choosing the Right School Beacon for Your Community

While all school beacons serve the purpose of improving traffic safety in school zones,
the right type of school beacon for your community depends on various factors. Here are a few
considerations to help you choose the best school beacon for your community:

1. Traffic volume and speed: The school beacon should be visible from a distance and attract the attention of drivers, especially in areas where there is a high volume of traffic or fast-moving vehicles. Solar-powered flashing beacons or those with reflective surfaces can help with visibility.

2. School zone characteristics: School beacons can be mounted on posts, overhead, or at ground level. Depending on the characteristics of the school zone, such as road width or existing infrastructure, a specific type of school beacon may be more appropriate. For example, an overhead beacon may be better for wide roads while a ground-level beacon is more appropriate for narrow roads.

3. Power source: School beacons can be powered by electricity, solar, or battery. It is important to consider the power source based on the availability of electricity or sunlight and the frequency of maintenance required for battery replacement.

4. Budget: School beacons come at different prices, and your communitys budget should be a factor in determining the type of school beacon you can afford.

5. Local regulations: Your local authorities may have regulations on the use and placement of school beacons in your community. It is important to consult with them before purchasing a school beacon.

School beacons are a vital tool for ensuring the safety of students, parents, and other road users in school zones. Choosing the right type of school beacon requires a consideration of factors such as traffic volume and speed, school zone characteristics, power source, budget, and local regulations. By investing in the appropriate school beacon, you can ensure the safety of your community.