Is Solar the Best Option

07 08 2022

When it comes to crosswalk signals there are a variety of options available in order to help keep everyone safe. The most important thing is that crosswalk signals will be installed in order to notify passing traffic that there are pedestrians present. Without the use of a proper crosswalk the end results could be catastrophic. Crosswalk signals can be used as part of jogging/running paths, hiking trails, horse trails, cyclist crossings, and even golf cart crossings. The thing to remember is the number one priority is everyone’s safety.

There are three types of signals that exist. The first is the standard signal that has either single or double amber signals per pole. The next option is a rectangular flashing beacon or the high intensity activated crosswalk. Regardless of the type of signal used we always want to customize the features to each individual location. Standard features that are included consist of AC or solar powered, entire system customization, caution in amber, or stop in red. Depending on the location of the signal it might be the best option to select a solar powered signal. If AC is used to power the signal an operational battery backup will be installed. The flashing is always activated when the pedestrian pushes the button. Multiple signals can be turned on from one activation. Features of a solar powered signal is that there are no electrical bills and no power interruption and best of all no electrical is required for installation. The solar panels themselves are also self-cleaning.

All of our crosswalk signals meet the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Institute of Transportation Engineers Standards. It is important to us that all of our signals operate efficiently and effectively in order to help keep everyone as safe as possible.