How to Approach a School Environment Safely | Elteccorp

08 30 2022


As school is back in full swing for the new school year you will want to be mindful of a school zone warning sign and where one might be present. Particularly for new drivers you need to be aware that a school zone warning sign is actually comprised of two signs all together. The top sign itself is in the shape of a pentagon and is the alerting portion that signals a “school area” sign. The bottom portion is a diagonal downward pointing arrow to signify there is a crosswalk in this direction. Both signs are the same yellow and black.

It is important to be aware that all road warning signs are meant to alert drivers of a hazard up ahead or of a special situation. It is important to everyone’s safety that all drivers pay close attention to road warning signs. In the case of a school warning sign, it is to alert drivers that they need to approach with caution as students could be near and are likely near. Drivers should remember three things when approaching this type of a road warning sign: make sure that you always watch for children, reduce your speed, and listen to any crossing guards that may be present.

A school crossing sign may or may not be flashing. Whether or not it is flashing should not affect your ability to notice it or follow any of the directions listed above. A flashing school sign is likely set during specific hours when students are most likely to be present. However, that does not mean that they cannot be present outside of these hours as well. This is something to consider even during the evenings or on weekends as many student events and sporting practices take place on school property during these times.