Adjusting School Schedules

07 30 2022


School schedules are never set in stone as many unforeseen circumstances can occur. There are so many factors to consider when implementing a schedule that affects school start and end times which thereby affects schools crossing zones and beacons. There is where school zone software comes into play. In today’s world being able to remotely manage these ever-changing schedules is not just a luxury but it is extremely necessary for everyone’s safety.

Holidays are a common reason that school schedules need to change temporarily. However, these are likely some of the few events that you can preplan for. Weather fluctuations are extremely unpredictable and the ability to monitor and change schedules at the last minute and remotely are vital to the safety of every student and staff member. Teacher conferences are likely another reason that start and end times to the school day may be affected. If there needs to be a quick adjustment to this schedule it is never an issue with school zone software that can be managed remotely. Daylight savings will also cause the schedule to need to be adjusted for the school year.

This particular software will also allow for you to receive performance indicators so that you know which parts of your system are working well or not working at all. This will help to reduce overall downtime and improve response time, location, and status of each unit. If you have any questions about the best way to manage your school zone safety or our software programs, please feel free to reach out at any time. We look forward to helping keep everyone safe this upcoming school year.