School safety

09 30 2022



Unfortunately, it is well-known that school zones can be extremely unsafe for children using a crosswalk. In fact, studies have been conducted stating that as many as one in three drivers have been seen doing something unsafe daily! This is a horrific statistic as it poses a serious threat for the safety of our school children. Some of the safety risks that parents are conducting daily are listed below.

  • Cell Phone Usage: The use of cell phones is seen daily. Many parents use cell phones to contact their child about their location at pick up. However, it is best for all students if you arrange for a set meeting place with your child prior to pick up. This will help to ensure the safety of every student.
  • Double Parking: Double parking is seen at school pick up and drop off daily. This is used by parents hoping to get in and out of the school quickly. The use of double parking is selfish and should not be used.
  • Generally Not Following School Rules: Make sure that every parent is regularly made aware of the school crosswalk rules and procedures of drop off and pick up so that the procedures can be enforced.

Parents are typically using these unsafe procedures to simply speed up their own process of drop-off and pick-up. While we understand that this can be a time-consuming part of the daily routine it is not fair to the other students that these shortcuts are taken.

By taking these shortcuts you are putting everyone’s life at risk! The best steps to take are to educate parents on why these safety measures are taken. It is best to have a crossing guard present at all every crosswalk near the school campus. These crossing guards should be educated on the safety limits and procedures of the school. Make sure that your school posts visible speed limit signs that either light up, blink, or both. If these measures are properly taken this is the best way to ensure the safety of all students.