Traffic Detection: Solar Powered Systems

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Intelligent Traffic Systems

Most ITS devices (intelligent traffic system) are powered by the commercial power grid. But, at some locations the expense of connecting the power is prohibitively expensive due to the distance. In other cases, the ITS device is only temporary and will be moved to another local after information is gathered.

Every ELTEC Solar powered (DC) system supporting an ITS unit is sized by a sophisticated computer program guaranteeing sufficient power. It includes:

  • Geographical location: accounts for number of sunny & cloudy days in that area.
  • Power generated by the solar panels at that latitude
  • Power consumed by the load; guaranteeing sufficient power
  • System is correctly sized: never oversized or undersized

Additional Information

DC Solar System Benefits:

  • Self-Contained
  • Top or side of Pole Mounting Rack
  • No Power Interruption
  • No Trenching or Boring Cable
  • No Electrical Bills
  • Electrical Contractors/Technicians Not Required for Installations
  • High Efficiency Self Cleaning Solar Modules for 20-year warranty
  • Controller with LCD Display Showing Battery Voltage, Solar Array, Output and Load Current
  • Sealed Gel or AGM Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries: 5 Year Pro-rated Warranty
  • Sized by Computer Program: Insured Power Generated meets/exceeds Load Requirements

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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