Emergency Vehicle Caution Systems (EVCS)

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ELTEC’s Emergency Vehicle Caution Systems (EVCS) is designed to alert motorists approaching a station access point when an emergency vehicle is departing.

When an emergency vehicle is preparing to emerge from its station and enter traffic, the EVCS provides either a CAUTION (yellow) or STOP (red) flashing beacon(s). The pole can be configured with one or two signals. The power source may ne with AC or solar powered ((DC).

Each system is designed to match the project requirements and street layout. Hard-wired systems are available, but wireless radio activation is less complicated; no trenching or boring or connect signals to the activation point. Multiple sites can be triggered simultaneously. There are several ways to activate the flashing beacons wirelessly:

  • Wall-mounted transmitter with push button
  • On board/console mounted push button transmitter
  • Hand-held transmitter
  • Emitter (Light or Infrared Signal) to receiver

Once activated, the signal(s) remain ON for a preset period of time. The flashing duration is user adjustable (from 1 second to 100 hours).

For wireless radio systems, each receiver and transmitter are programmed with. a unique address code for system isolation. Any number of receivers can be set to a single address code. Advanced warning signal poles can be positioned further down the road from the station exit.

A typical installation consists if a central activation device within the station. Outside, two or more poles support a small cabinet that houses the electronic controls. The components consist of a flasher, receiver and timer. If the unit is solar powered, a change controller and battery are added inside the cabinet, and a solar panel with a rack is mounted on each pole.

Intersection Pre-Emption System

ELTEC can provide a receiver that's integrated into an intersection controller cabinet interrupting the normal signal cycle giving a ‘green’ priority in the direction hat the emergency vehicle is traveling.

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A standard system includes a transmitter to activate the system, poles, flashing beacon(s) with visor, and electronic cabinet with pre-assembled wiring for easy installation.

  • AC or Solar Powered
  • System Flexibility: Tailored to meet project requirements
  • Programmable timed vehicle exit
  • CAUTION (amber) or STOP (red) alerts: no price difference
  • AC: Optional battery back-up
  • Solid state flasher
  • Meets MUTCD and ITE standards

When AC power is not available or practical to power the signals, solar power is the answer. ELTEC’s solar powered Emergency Vehicle Caution System is sized by geographical location and electrical load for optimal effectiveness guaranteeing sufficient power during the long winter months.

Daytime dimming of any signal is not in compliance with FHWA standards.


  • Self Contained: No Electrical Bills
  • No Power Interruption
  • No Trenching or Boring for Cable
  • Electrical Contractors: Technicians Not Required for Installation
  • High Efficiency Self Cleaning Solar Panels
    • 20 Year Warranty
  • Choice of Mounting Rack: Side-of-Pole or Top-of-Pole
  • Solid State FS-2A Flasher
  • Controller with Display Showing: Battery Voltage, Solar Amps, Load Amps
  • No Maintenance AGM Battery (performs better in cold climates)
    • 5 Year Pro-rated Warranty
  • Sized by Computer Program: Ensures Power Generated Meets/Exceeds Load
    • No Charge for Analysis & Report
  • Flash Rate is Constant at Selected Rate: Does NOT Vary as a Function of Battery Voltage

See Emergency Vehicle with 3 Signal Heads for a ‘real life’ story.

ELTEC’s Emergency Vehicle Caution Systems meet the Federal Highway Administration’s MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) specifications and ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) standards.

Whether you are looking to enhance safety with solar powered pedestrian lights or need a comprehensive solution to your traffic concerns, ELTEC has the traffic control products you need.

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