mikros eic traffic signal controller

Traffic Signal Controller

At ELTEC, we produce high quality time switches and clocks used as traffic signal controllers, alongside a host of other products designed to promote and preserve roadway safety. Our time switches allow for flashing crosswalk beacons to be programmed remotely, saving you time and money on regular in person programming.  

Below you can find a list of our main traffic signal controller products, offering a wide variety of traffic safety solutions. At ELTEC we pride ourselves on building high tech, custom systems that offer school zones, roadways, and crosswalks new levels of safety and awareness.

mikros eic traffic signal controller

Mikros EIC – ELTEC’s Intelligent Traffic Controller

ELTEC’s Mikros EIC is the latest version of our traffic signal controller. Giving you the lowest power consumption in the industry, it even allows for stand-alone traffic signals to be solar powered. This is a super efficient, completely self-contained DC signal controller, offering energy efficiency and reduced costs over time. As the solar-powered (DC) model is self-sufficient, it can be installed independent of a power grid, making it an ideal option traffic signal controller for remote locations or minimal install construction.

They are also available as AC models, continuing to keep energy consumption at an all-time low with extra features such as automatic night-dimming for optimal efficiency. There are even wireless communication options available to eliminate the need for trenching.

Featuring real-time conflict monitoring, the Mikros EIC ensures that the signal never fails. With easy and efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, your traffic controller can keep operating at maximum performance year round.

traffic signal controllers


Over time, traffic signals can desynchronize, which leads to backed up traffic, irritated drivers, and a lot of wasted time for signal shops that have to reset the correct timing.

ELTEC’s TimeSync-GPS offers universally compatible coordination between multiple intersection controller brands and prevents timing drift to keep traffic flowing smoothly. The main function that allows the TimeSync-GPS to maintain a synchronized is a satellite based time feed. Where most controllers rely on the frequency transmitted through power lines, making them susceptible to fluctuations in the frequency, the satellite feed completely circumvents the issue.

time clock traffic signal controller

TC-3000 (time -clock)

Network Clock and Programmable Time Clocks

Since 1968, ELTEC has been providing the traffic industry with reliable, multi-functional programmable time clocks. Often used to run school zone flashing signals, park lighting, a wide range of traffic beacons, and more, it’s one of our most versatile traffic signal controller options.

Thanks to the programmable nature of our time clocks, their applications and configurations may be adjusted to suit the individual needs of almost any project. As with most ELTEC products, we offer both the AC and Solar Power (DC) options, providing further customization and security when it comes to keeping your roadways, crosswalks, and traffic junctions safe and clear.

fs-3 dc flasher signal controller

FS-3 DC Flasher

ELTEC’s new FS-3 DC flasher, which is generally mounted on the cabinet back panel for traffic warning signals, is a replacement for both of our older models and combines all flash functions.

It uses solid-state circuitry and an integrated microprocessor for multiple programming options with minimal power consumption. It is primarily used in solar powered flashing beacon warning systems but can also be integrated into AC systems.

It also has a night run only feature, as well as automatic night dimming.

traffic signal controller software

DLPRO Software

Our DLPRO software allows all schedules to be downloaded to ELTEC’s programmable time clocks. With many must-have features, the DLPRO software eliminates the need to manually programme each clock via the keypad.

The Best in Traffic Signal Controllers

Whatever your needs, ELTEC has state-of-the-art traffic signal controllers. These products will not only save you money with energy efficient features, but also through automation and time saved. With built-in fail-safes and warning systems, you will know if there is ever a lapse in any of your controllers, allowing for the best in road safety. Contact us today to learn how ELTEC can meet your needs for a traffic signal controller in even the remotest of places.