City of Dallas installs Solar Powered RRFB crosswalk (FOX 4 News)

05 29 2014
Pedestrian/RRFB/HAWK Crossings

Street Squad: Cedar Springs Crosswalks

James Rose
FOX 4 News
DALLAS – The City of Dallas has installed new warning lights at dangerous intersections along Cedar Springs Road in the Oaklawn neighborhood.

The rapidly-flashing yellow lights are strategically placed along the deadly stretch of roadway in the heart of a busy three-block entertainment district.
The strobes, which cost about $5,000 each, are among the first to be installed in the city and can be seen from blocks away in broad daylight.
“They’re a new product — a high visibility light,” city representative Michael Driggars said.
Officials employed the increased safety measures in the wake of two unsolved fatal hit-and-run incidents in November .
Two other people were hit and injured by vehicles in the same area.
“It’s tragic. It shouldn’t have happened,” said business owner Dale Holdman, who welcomes the new lights. “This is amazing. We think it’s a great step forward and we appreciate what they are doing.
Officials hope the lights, which will operate continuously, will make it easier for drivers to notice pedestrians in the crosswalks.
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Street Squad: Cedar Springs Crosswalks: