The Perks of Solar Powered Roadside Lighting

06 29 2020
April Spears

Solar Powered Roadside Lighting

Solar technology is expanding its reach far and wide, and with good reason. Finding sustainable solutions for powering our technology will be imperative as society moves forward, and luckily we’re already off to a great start. Plenty of homeowners utilize solar technology to keep their devices powered, and are able to simultaneously save quite a bit of money on their energy bills. 

Today, there are even solar powered vehicles on the road, which are working to drastically cut back on our dependence on fossil fuels. 

Why not install some solar powered traffic lighting throughout your city to get in on the perks yourself? 

In this post, we’ll touch on some of the benefits that come along with doing so. 

Lowered Electric Costs 

We offer solar powered options to fill a variety of roadside lighting needs, such as pedestrian crossings, warning beacons, traffic lights, and more. We combine our solar technology with LED bulbs, which have energy saving benefits of their own. 

The bulbs used in some other types of outdated traffic lights can consume an outlandish amount of power. LED bulbs offer the same brightness that you need to ensure optimal functionality with as little as just 5 watts of power. 

When combined with the additional energy saving benefits of solar, it’s clear to see how savings on energy costs could add up to large sums over time. Many solar traffic lighting systems, depending on what manufacturer you decide to go with, end up paying for themselves sooner rather than later. 

Even starting small, and slowly replacing your traffic lights with solar powered alternatives will get you started on the path toward sustainability and big savings.

Power Where You Want It 

Installing most solar powered lighting is a breeze, so much so that you could say that it’s even easier to work with than traditional lighting. Our solar powered lighting options, in particular, don’t require a grid hook up to function, making them ideal for areas that would be troublesome to wire up, or that are in newly developed, remote areas that would be costly to extend the required wiring to. 

For this reason, solar powered lighting is also great to have on hand for seasonable events, festivals, and markets. It allows those running events to improve pedestrian safety by temporarily putting lights up in areas that could become problematic when dealing with crowds.

Setting a Positive Example 

Choosing to install solar powered lighting along roadsides, crosswalks, and for traffic, management set’s a positive example for the rest of the people residing in the city. If a nearby city catches wind of the fact that you’ve taken the initiative to go solar, they could decide to step up and make the switch themselves. 

Why It’s Important 

Going solar is probably the easiest way that there is to reduce your carbon footprint. When you expand your use of solar energy, you’re committing to clean, emission free energy that is ethically sourced and sustainable. 

When you use solar, you lessen the load on your utility company, and in turn, lower their carbon emissions. With your positive example, the ripple effect that is created within your community could inspire a number of homeowners in your community to try out solar for themselves. 

Residential power is responsible for nearly 39% of all carbon emissions in the country, so while inspiring a few people to see what going solar is all about for themselves may not seem like much of a big deal, it really is

Inspiring just one member of your community to make the switch to solar creates the carbon clean up equivalent of planting 100 trees each and every year

You’d be hard pressed to find a more efficient, easy way to live a greener lifestyle and to inspire positive change within your community. 


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