School Beacons and the Importance of Crosswalk Safety

02 28 2023

School beacons are a vital tool when it comes to ensuring the safety of students at crosswalks. Crosswalk safety is an important topic, as accidents can easily occur when pedestrians and drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings. Installing school beacons at crosswalks near schools can help ensure that drivers are aware of pedestrians in the area and take necessary precautions to prevent collisions. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of crosswalk safety and how school beacons can help to keep students safe.

What are school beacons?

School beacons, also known as school zone flashers or pedestrian crossing beacons, are specialized traffic signals that are designed to improve safety for pedestrians in school zones. The beacons are activated by a button and are generally installed near schools or other high-traffic areas where children need to cross the street. When activated, the beacons flash yellow warning lights, alerting drivers that they should slow down and use caution. In addition, school beacons typically have signs that remind drivers to watch out for children in the area.

How do they work?

School beacons are automated devices that are used to help ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists at intersections, particularly in school zones. When activated, these beacons cause flashing lights and sometimes sound signals to alert both drivers and pedestrians. 
The beacons can either be mounted on a nearby pole, or in some cases directly on the road surface. The signals can be activated by vehicles that enter the school zone, such as school buses, or by pedestrians who press a button near the crosswalk. 
When triggered, the beacon illuminates bright flashing yellow and red lights to alert drivers of potential pedestrians crossing the street. Pedestrians can then identify when it is safe to cross the street due to the yellow warning signal and the “Walk” sign illuminated by the beacon.
This is especially important in school zones, where there is a greater risk of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. School beacons help reduce that risk by making it easier for both drivers and pedestrians to spot each other at intersections. 
By ensuring that motorists are aware of pedestrians attempting to cross the street, school beacons help promote pedestrian safety. This helps to protect both children and adults from dangerous collisions, ultimately helping to save lives.

Why are they important?

School beacons are incredibly important when it comes to safety, especially around schools. Crosswalks, intersections and bus stops located near schools are notorious for having a high number of pedestrian-involved accidents. This is due in part to the high volume of vehicles that use these roads and in part due to the children that may not be as aware of their surroundings as an adult. School beacons can help reduce these pedestrian-involved accidents by increasing visibility, alerting drivers of a nearby school, and slowing traffic speeds. 
School beacons are typically found in the form of flashing lights installed on poles or nearby signs. They flash yellow when activated, drawing attention to the fact that there is a school in the area. This helps alert drivers that they should slow down and be extra careful when approaching intersections or crosswalks, especially during peak times such as before and after school. 
In addition to helping alert drivers of nearby schools, school beacons can also help children stay safe while crossing the road. The bright yellow lights draw attention to the intersection or crosswalk, helping children remain visible to drivers. School beacons can also act as reminders to children that they should always stop and look both ways before crossing the street.
Overall, school beacons are an essential safety tool for schools and their

surrounding areas. They help increase visibility and alert drivers of nearby schools, and they serve as a reminder to children to be extra careful when crossing the street. By utilizing school beacons, we can help reduce the number of pedestrian-involved accidents in school zones and ensure the safety of our students.