Tips For Drivers to Ensure Pedestrian Safety | Elteccorp

03 17 2023

 In the year 2020 every 81 minutes a pedestrian was killed by a vehicle. This is a huge number and can be easily prevented. Drivers need to be alert at all the time when operating a vehicle. Drivers also need to take seriously the responsibility that comes when getting behind the wheel. Using a pedestrian crosswalk is an excellent way to help ensure pedestrian safety on the road but only helps when all other road rules are followed. See blow for a few tips for drivers to ensure pedestrian safety. 

  • Always look for pedestrians, not just where you think they should be. A pedestrian crosswalk is a great place to start to look for pedestrians, but they can be in a variety of other places you may not expect as well. 
  • Use extra caution at night or during poor weather. When your visibility is reduced it is important to slow down. 
  • Slow down when approaching a crosswalk. You might not see someone coming from farther away, so it is important to approach slowly. 
  • Never pass a vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk, they are likely waiting for someone to cross. 
  • Always yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. 
  • Never drive under the influence. Your judgement will be impaired, and you will likely make poor decisions and put others lives at risk. 
  • Make sure you always follow the speed limit. The speed limit is put in place for a reason and will help to ensure everyone’s safety on the road.