Out With The Old In With The New

04 26 2022


The old school traditional system of posting school speed limit signs that say they are in effect “when children are present” is very much outdated. These speed limit signs are much too passive for such an important notification. Today’s drivers are used to notifications happening in their faces constantly whether it be from GPS navigation schools, cell phones, or any other distracting device. This is where school beacons come into play.


School beacons take the guesswork out of the traditional signage for school speed limit zones. A traditional sign will simply state the school speed limit with the hours that it applies or simply state “when children are present.” This is just not good enough. This does not allow drivers ample time to prepare to check the time or scan their surroundings for young children. What happens if something was overlooked? They are driving after all, what a simple mistake to make with astronomical repercussions. Luckily, school beacons take the guesswork out of the posted signage for drivers. Simply put, if the lights are flashing then the rules apply. If the lights are not flashing then the rules do not apply.


We take great pride in our school beacons that can be remotely monitored to help manage a system that is ever-changing. School schedules often fluctuate with various in-service days, time changes, holidays, and summer schedules so the ability to manage the beacon system remotely allows it to be effective and accurate. If drivers start to sense that the system is faulty or inaccurate, they may begin to ignore it whether it be the law or not – which defeats its entire purpose. The accuracy of our school beacon systems is of our utmost priority. We also ensure that our high-intensity lights are visible at all hours.