01 31 2023


Summertime is often utilized to maintain school beacons. There are a variety of maintenance issues that need to be resolved when it comes to school beacons. Typically, annual maintenance is enough. Maintaining the beacons during the summer months is most beneficial as there are the least number of students present during that time. See below for some of the most common maintenance items that take place during the summer when it comes to school beacons.

1. Test and replace equipment: It is most beneficial to test all equipment prior to the school year starting. This allows enough time to replace any items that cannot be repaired prior to the school year starting. It is important to test the poisoning of the radar as well. Make sure that the lights are dimmed appropriately at night in order to comply with city regulations.

2.  Update schedules: Annual scheduling is typically enough. However, there are times when this needs to be adjusted more frequently. At least once per year the schedule should be updated.

3.  Evaluate and upgrade: Depending on the age of the school beacons at your campus the technology may be outdated. Simply updating the model used can address any ongoing problems.

4. Solar: Using solar to power school beacons means there are no power interruptions and no electrical bills. There is also no need to trench for cable.

5. Connected: Connected school beacons allow for remote adjustments of schedules and speeds. This can come in handy when you need to quickly adjust timing and schedules. Perhaps there is an unplanned school day on/off, or a late start. The ability to remotely adjust schedules is irreplaceable.​​​​​​​