Bicycle Safety

10 30 2022


hybrid pedestrian crosswalk can help direct both pedestrians and vehicles across major intersections. A hybrid pedestrian crosswalk consists of two red lights above a yellow light in a triangle-like formation. These lights will remain dark until a pedestrian enters and signals the lights to change. These lights are very helpful in keeping pedestrians safe on larger intersections. This brings up the question then, “how do we also keep bicyclists safe?” There are several things that bicyclists can do to help improve road safety for themselves and the cars and pedestrians on the road. Being a bicyclist out at major intersections does not come without its dangers. However, following the steps will dramatically improve your chances of staying safe out on the road.

  • Properly fitted helmet: In the unlikely event that you crash your bicycle or something crashes into you, you want to ensure that your head is well protected. Wearing the proper safety gear includes a well-fitted bicycle helmet.
  • Bicycle fit: Make sure that your bicycle itself is the right size for your body. If you are on a road bike then there should be about 1-2 standing inches between your body and the bike. If you are on a mountain bike there should be about 3-4 standing inches between your body and the bike.
  • Check equipment: Before getting out on the open road make sure that all of your equipment is working properly. This includes checking your brakes to ensure they are working as well as checking your tire pressure.
  • See and be seen: If possible, it is helpful to wear fluorescent colors and light reflective gear. This is helpful during the day but necessary while riding at night.