Solar Lightning Valero (IMSA Sept-Oct ’09)

05 29 2014
Lighting & Camera-Solar Powered

ELTEC ‘lights the way’ for Valero employees

Published in the Sept-Oct 2009 IMSA journal

A Valero Refinery in Texas has high pedestrian traffic during shift changes. Because of the size of the facility, there is constant traffic with motorized vehicles. Lack of clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks exacerbated during dark hours endangered employees.

IMSA Sept-Oct '09 Solar lighting Valero-3To improve safety, Valero undertook a multi- prong approach. First, they established multiple pedestrian crosswalks. Second, they erected 24 hour flashing beacons at each crossing. The third element was to make pedestrians more visible during the dark hours by illuminating the crosswalks.

Valero is committed to supporting ‘green’ solutions. In support of this they chose ELTEC’s solar powered system to supply the outdoor lighting in conjunction with 24 hour flashing beacons.

ELTEC designed the solar power source to ensure no loss of load under all operating conditions. The beacons flash 24 hours; the solar outdoor lights operate from dusk to dawn.
IMSA Sept-Oct '09 Solar lighting Valero-8Valero has been extremely pleased with the system’s operation and safety performance. They are now considering additional solar lighting along the road to further illuminate the pedestrians as well as speed feedback signs to advise motorists of their speed.

ELTEC is currently installing solar outdoor lighting at Charleston Marina in Coos Bay, Oregon. This lighting will be used at the entrance gate.

ELTEC’s solar outdoor lighting system provides sustainable solutions at affordable prices. For further information on solar outdoor lighting and solar solutions, contact or call 800-227-1734.