High Water (IMSA Jan-Feb ’09)

05 29 2014
High Water/Flood

Electrotechnics’ (ELTEC) High Water Warning System with Alert Messaging

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It seems with every national weather forecast, some state is experiencing extreme weather of some type: record high or low temperatures, record number of tornadoes, and/or tremendous flooding breaking all previous accounts in recorded history.


High water kills and when it’s ‘raining cats and dogs’ it’s difficult to see if the road is truly swamped. Every state has areas or roads that experiences occasional flooding. For those sites, ELTEC has developed a low maintenance HIGH WATER WARNING SYSTEM.

ELTEC’s system (FS-2AHW) utilizes pole mounted sensors housed in galvanized piping positioned at the desired high water detection point. When water touches and rises above the sensor level, the two stain-less steel electrodes send a signal to the transmitter, which in turn actives the solar powered flashing road beacons. The LED’s flash continuously as long as the flood waters are detected.

Acr38522693595560-17414The benefits of ELTEC’s ‘better mousetrap’ are:

  • No moving parts; mechanical float switches can jam
  • Immune to trash and debris
  • Doesn’t wear out (no mechanical float switches)
  • Immune to corrosion/won’t rust
  • Operates in salt/sea, brackish and fresh waters
  • Waterproof pole housing; wires not exposed to water
  • Stand-alone: solar powered

An optional feature is available enhancing its’ value. The system can be equipped with a radio service which connects to the internet and then sends alerting emails. It can also be programmed to make phone calls with a recorded message announcing the specific site that’s flooded.

Each system is sized and customized to insure optimal performance.

For more information, contact Susan Marshall at Electrotechnics (ELTEC) at 800-227-1734 or email sales@elteccorp.com.