Pedestrian Crossing Systems

Pedestrian Crossing Light Systems

ELTEC’s Pedestrian Crossing Light Systems are designed to improve roadway safety for pedestrians and motorists. In order to alert motorists when a crosswalk is occupied, signals will be activated by pole mounted push button, motion sensor, or camera systems. To accommodate a variety of applications and locations, our signal activation time is adjustable and may be set by a local signal technician.

All of our pedestrian crossing lights come with the option of either AC or DC (solar powered). When the solar power options are in place, signals are designed to stay bright during daytime conditions, even on cloudy days or in situations with insufficient power. Our solar powered options are fully compliant with FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) standards, which prohibits dimming of indication signals or flashing beacons during daytime conditions. However, our systems may be dimmed for night or low light conditions, which is both accepted and advised to help prevent night blindness in drivers.

At ELTEC, we know one size doesn’t fit all, so each one of our pedestrian systems is designed and manufactured with its own traffic project specifications in mind.

  • Every solar sizing report we do incorporates geographic location and local system load
  • We offer wireless communication between opposing poles, eliminating the need to trench and run conduit for hard-wiring
  • If the traffic plan requires it, we can even engineer single point activation for multiple signals, including medians or advanced warning signals up-road

We design and manufacture three styles of pedestrian crossing lights for a variety of applications. With solutions for recreational trails, cyclist road crossings, and a number of other pedestrian crosswalks, ELTEC is committed to building and improving safer roadways with new technology and a wider array of customization options.

Typical Pedestrian Crossing

Standard Solar Powered Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs using Round LEDs


With advancing technology and ever-changing traffic regulation, it’s important that ELTEC stays up to date by offering innovative solutions for our client’s pedestrian crossing  light needs. For pedestrian crossing lights, we have 3 distinct styles:

  • Standard: round beacons – single or dual LED(s) per pole
  • RRFB: Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
  • HAWK (hybrid): High Intensity Activated CrossWalk
RRFB with signs on both sides

RRFB Wrap Around Light Bar with
Pedestrian Verification Signal


This system provides crosswalks with a CAUTION signal, using round amber flashing beacons (8” or 12” diameters available) with configuration options of one or two LEDs per pole.

A typical installation consists of two or more poles, each of which supports a small cabinet housing the electronic controls. WIth a solar powered configuration, the cabinets will also contain a solar charge controller and battery, while a solar panel rack will be mounted on the side or top of each pole.


Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons are rectangular shaped, high intensity signal heads that flash in a wig-wag, rapid flickering pattern. The alternating signals offer a direct, ultra-bright concentration and wide-angle intensity.

Studies have shown that RRFB indications significantly increase motorist compliance in “yield to pedestrian” situations, at almost 80%-95%, up from 15%-20% with standard round flashing signals. You can learn more about RRFB and its benefits here.


A pedestrian hybrid beacon is a special type of beacon with 2 red LEDs on top and 1 amber LED below employed to warn and control traffic at marked, un-signlaed crosswalks to assist pedestrians crossing a street or highway.

HAWK systems are often installed in locations where RYG traffic signals are not justified under MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) guidelines, or there was a decision made to not install a traffic control system. These systems offer an alternative way to actually stop traffic, increasing pedestrian safety. For areas with a higher pedestrian density, higher vehicle speeds, or wider streets, these systems can be beneficial to both motorists and pedestrians. To learn more about our HAWK systems and where they’re used, check our info page here.

Solar Powered HAWK Pedestrian Crosswalk Mounted on Mast Arm

Solar Powered HAWK Pedestrian Crosswalk Mounted on Mast Arm

All ELTEC pedestrian crossing lights and traffic warning systems meet the Federal Highway Administration’s MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) and ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) standards.

RRFB Approval Termination

Federal Highway Administration returns RRFB’s to approved product list.

The new approval was announced on March 20, 2018. As a result, all patents rights have been made public, and all manufactures may produce RRFB’s

Read below for the appropriate use of (IA-21)





A standard system includes poles, flashing beacon(s) with visor or RFFB light bars, pedestrian crossing lights push button and electronics cabinet with pre-assembled wiring for easy installation, along with installation documentation.

  • AC or DC (solar powered)
  • System flexibility: systems tailored to project requirements
  • Options for custom powder coating of cabinets, pole, hardware, etc.
  • Programmable Timed Crossing
  • CAUTION (amber) or STOP (red) Alerts
  • 8” or 12” LED Signal Heads or Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Light Bars
  • No maintenance battery with sealed gel or AGM
  • AC with optional battery backup
  • Solid State Flasher
  • Meets MUTCD and ITE Standards

When AC power is not available of practical, solar power is the solution. ELTEC’s solar powered Pedestrian Crossing Lights and Systems are sized for geographical location and electrical load for optimal effectiveness, guaranteeing sufficient power for the flashing beacons and light intensity that never fades. Additional features for solar units below:

  • Self contained
  • Top or Side-of-pole mounting rack
  • No power interruption
  • No electrical bills
  • Electrical contractors/technicians no required for installation
  • High efficiency self cleaning solar modules warranted for 20 years
  • Controller with LCD display showing batter and solar array voltage, output, and load current
  • Solid State Flasher
  • Sealed gel or AFM sealed deep cycle batteries warranted for 5 years
  • Custom sized to ensure power generated meets/exceeds load requirements
  • LED light intensity is not reduced as a function of battery voltage, meaning lights stay bright
  • Flash rate is constant according to selected rates, so it won’t vary with battery voltage


Solar Powered HAWK Crosswalk

Solar Solar Powered HAWK Crosswalk

HAWK Crossing using AC Power with Mikros EIC

HAWK Crossing using AC Power with Mikros EIC

Hybrid Crosswalk with Pedestrian Countdown Timer

Hybrid Crosswalk with Pedestrian Countdown Timer

HAWK Pedestrian Crossing with Hybrid Beacon Faces

HAWK Pedestrian Crossing Systems with Hybrid Beacon Faces

Pedestrian Crossing with 2 Signals

Pedestrian Crossing Systems with Two Signals

Mid-Block Crossing with Pedestrian Push Buttons

Mid-Block Crossing with Pedestrian Push Buttons

Rural Bike & Pedestrian Crossing

Rural Bike & Pedestrian Crossing Systems

RRFB LB back side install

AC RRFB with One-sided/2 LED Light Bar

RRFB Entire System

Solar Powered RRFB with Hard Wire Between all Four Poles

RRFB with Pedestrian Verification Light

RRFB with Pedestrian Verification Light

ELTEC's RRFB Wrap Around Light Bar

ELTEC’s RRFB Wrap Around Light Bar

RRFB-DC Telespar pole

Solar Powered RRFB Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Systems on Telespar Pole