Traffic Warning Signals Play a Critical Safety Role

Traffic warning signals play an important role when it comes to the safety of both pedestrians and motorists. The nation’s highways and roads have areas that are more prone to accidents due to blind or sharp curves, slippery when wet pavement as a few examples. When a street or highway is identified has having higher incident rates, a traffic warning systems can be installed to mitigate the possible accidents making it safer for motorist and/or pedestrians. At Electrotechnics Corporation (ELTEC), we provide a number of different systems that incorporate traffic warning signals.

Systems include emergency vehicle warning systems, rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB), 24-hour warning systems, flood detection and warning systems, emergency vehicle hybrid beacons, pedestrian crossing systems, and more. Whatever your highway safety needs, there is a traffic warning system that is applicable.

Safeguarding Traffic Operations

A lot of thought and engineering goes into the application of traffic warning signals. Emergency vehicles responding to a crisis requires unrestricted access exiting the station giving them the right-of-way. ELTEC’s emergency vehicle warning systems allows unrestricted access to proceed to the 911 emergency call.

Pedestrian Crossing Systems

These systems are designed to alert motorists. They are installed on jogging/running trails, hiking and bike paths, golf crossings, horse trails, and on any street or highway that pedestrians use.

Solar Powered Warning Systems

Traffic warning systems that don’t have AC power easily accessible, solar powered systems provide safety for motorists and pedestrians. The systems can be designed to operate during specific times of the day.

TimeSync-GPS Models

Traffic warning signals must have the correct time between multiple intersections. If an intersection controller’s time is off by a few seconds, then traffic no longer flows smoothly down streets or highways. ELTEC offers TimeSync-GPS models, which prevents bottlenecks and traffic jams caused by intersection controller’s internal clock being off. They are easy to install and program with no switches or jumpers required.

Managing traffic is critical. Without warning systems in place, accidents can easily occur. These systems have very important value, and are put in place to protect lives and property. ELTEC provides an array of traffic products and warning solutions to keep pedestrians and vehicle drivers safe.