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Cameras Monitoring in Corpus Christi (IMSA May-June ’09)

Solar Powered Camera Monitoring in Corpus Christi, Texas

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Acr3852269359556011746Border and port moni-toring is vital to Amer-ica’s security. In Sep-tember ’05 a Homeland Security Grant was is-sued to the TxDOT of-fice in Corpus Christi, Texas. The funding was used to increase port security by moni-toring all ferry and ve-hicular traffic traveling from the mainland to the City of Port Aran-sas/Mustang Island. Normally a 45 minute drive, the ferry ride is less than 10 minutes. Additionally, all cargo ships are observed to ensure that the “float-ing roadway” stays open/has no problems. This is critical with two naval bases close by.



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TxDOT Over-height Truck Detection (IMSA July-August ’11)

TxDOT Over-height Truck Detection

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TxDOT More Efficient With Wireless Overheight Truck Detection

Overheight Truck Detection The Yoakum District TxDOT Office was responsible for maintaining the “ding-a-ling” over height truck warning system in Columbus, TX, on Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Houston. When a truck’s trailer hit the 12” yellow & black striped tubing suspended on a cable across the road, the sound alerted the driver that their vehicle was too high for the 14’ 5” overpass. In theory, if you hit the tubes, you’ll hit the overpass. According to Randy Zimmerman, Traffic Shop Supervisor, the line “was always sagging, so a bucket truck was dispatched monthly to adjust the cable holding the ding-a-lings” to maintain the proper height. This work was in addition to re-hanging the cable if an over height load snagged the cable and tore the system down.

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Restricted Road Access (industrial traffic)


ELTEC designed and installed a solar power system that controls traffic entering a restricted traffic area. Vulcan Mining in Richmond, VA approached ELTEC to design a system that would control trucks passing from a 2-lane road to a 1-lane road. In the middle of the 1-lane section there’s a bridge and a blind S shaped curve that trucks drive across and through. Drivers could not see trucks entering the 1-lane restricted road at the other end. Consequently a number of near collisions have occurred and a lot of time backing-up loaded mining trucks created difficulties.

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Industrial Railroad Crossing

ELTEC & Gerdau-Ameristeel Install Solar Powered Railroad Crossing Flashing Beacon System

ELTEC and Gerdau Ameristeel installed a solar powered railroad crossing flashing beacon system to alert truck drivers to trains crossing or about to cross the road. Gerdau Ameristeel receives most of its scrap material via large semi trucks. These trucks arrive randomly and are usually directed to different parts of the yard. In addition, a number of semi trucks arrive to transport finish steel to customers. Most of the routes that the trucks take in the yard cause them to cross at least one set of rail tracks, often 3 or 4 rail tracks.

Gerdau-Am 1

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