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Solar relate posts and articles from ELTEC

Solar Powered Security Lightning (IMSA Sept-Oct ’10)

ELTEC’s Solar Powered Area Lighting Brightens Oregon Nights

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Acr38522693595560-9525ELTEC, in business for over 40 years, is known for programma-ble time clocks (NTC-17E). Over 10 years ago, ELTEC entered into solar powered systems support-ing the traffic industry. As appli-cations for solar power grew so has ELTEC’s product offering.

Some solar powered pedestrian crossings required supplemental lighting. One of ELTEC’s electrical engineers (PE) with experience in lighting applications worked with a major lighting manufacturer and designed a super bright 24 LED solar-powered fixture.

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Solar Powered Light Brightens City Park Pavilions (Marshall News Messenger 9/23/2011)

Let there be light Marshall High School student builds solar panels to bring night lighting to City Park

Hannah DeClerk hdeclerk@marshallnewsmessenger.com | Posted: Friday, September 23, 2011 8:00 am

Marshall residents can now enjoy the Marshall City Park after dark thanks to a 17-year-old student who decided to give back to the community by installing solar lighting in the pavilions.

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Solar Lightning Valero (IMSA Sept-Oct ’09)

ELTEC ‘lights the way’ for Valero employees

Published in the Sept-Oct 2009 IMSA journal

A Valero Refinery in Texas has high pedestrian traffic during shift changes. Because of the size of the facility, there is constant traffic with motorized vehicles. Lack of clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks exacerbated during dark hours endangered employees.

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Marshall News Messenger – Celebrating the Sun 6/20/2010

Terri Richardson <trichardson@marshallnewsmessenger.com>
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Solar power continues to grow in popularity and using solar energy is a mainstay for products created at Marshall’s Electrotechnics Corporation (ELTEC), 1310 Commerce St., which manufactures a variety of traffic systems.

“We have been working with solar for 20 years. In 2000, we probably sold 100 systems compared with the 600 sold this year,” said ELTEC President Bill Marshall.

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ELTEC has been “green” before green was cool

ELTEC has been “green” before green was cool. We’ve been supplying solar powered systems to the traffic industry since the mid 1990’s.

For the past few years we’ve had voluntary recycling in the common/lunch area, recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles/containers, magazines & catalogs, glass, and grocery bags.

Recently ELTEC initiated a companywide office and production floor recycling program. In addition to the above items, all cardboard boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and other miscellaneous objects are collected in separate bins located in all offices and each production area of our 20,000 square foot facility.

The recycling program has reduced ELTEC’s landfill garbage collection by approximately 85% and is saving ELTEC over $1,000 a year in garbage fees. It pays to recycle in so many ways.