Retractable Speed Hump

Speed matters and determines the probability a person survives a car impact.

Because of this, it is extremely important that motorists comply with speed limits in school zones when children are coming and going to school. Unfortunately, some do not.

ELTEC’s retractable speed hump helps ensure motorists will slow down when the school zone flashing beacons are initiated and ON. Multiple models of ELTEC’s programmable time clocks with an additional control circuit triggers the speed hump to rise compelling drivers to slow down. The hump has adjustable heights based on the MPH of the street. A timer allows the customer to program the deflation process, so all speed humps are flush with the street when the beacons go OFF/stop flashing.

The cost of the retractable speed hump is comparable to a standard hump which doesn’t have the benefit and option of controlling its effectiveness. No longer does the traffic hump irritate drivers when it’s not needed at certain hours of the day.

Patent pending


• Lift Begins when beacons turn ON
– 16 Seconds to inflate to full pressure
• Retracts before signals stop flashing
– Average deflation: 50 seconds per hump
– Humps flush with street when signals turn OFF
– Adjustable timer for deflation period:
allows for multiple units
• Optional Advance Warning: Triggered when
• Adjustable heights: 1/2” to 3” at ¼” increments
– MPH contributing factor to hump height
– Maximum ramp angle 22.5° at 3” lift
• Flexible installation configuration
– Multiple units installed in series to accommodate
any number of lanes
• Easily Installed in Both Concrete and Asphalt Roads
• Four Drainage Points: Water won’t Build-up in Unit
– PVC Installed in Low Corner
• Flexible Drainage Options:
– Connect to Existing Storm Water System
– Drainage Ditch
– French Box Drain
• Environmentally Green
– Power Options: DC (Solar Powered) or AC
– Airbag: No Hydraulic Fluids


Overall dimensions ______________11’ L x 3’-9” W x 8½” H
– Hump dimensions _________9’-8” L x 26” W x 1/2” to 3” H
• Designed for 80,000 Pound Impact at 3” Lift
– Handles full impact of fully loaded 18-wheeler
(80,000 lbs.)
• Construction elements:
– Lifting points on all four corners
– ½” steel plate construction
– 8” stabilization plates: prevents road deterioration
– Nelson studs: centered, 12” apart
• Air compressor: 14.3 cfm, 12 VDC
– Airbag: 30,000 lbs. of lift at 30 psi
– Capable of lifting five units in less than one
minute at full 3” Lift at 30 psi
– Connects to air source with 3000 psi
direct-bury hose



Height to MPH
MPH            HUMP LIFT
40+                     0.5″
35                         1″
30                        1.5″
25                        2″
20                        2.5″
15                         3″

“The MUTCD does not contain any provisions regarding where to use or how to design speed humps. From the MUTCD perspective, speed humps are considered to be roadway features, not traffic control devices. However, if a decision is made to implement speed humps on a particular roadway, the MUTCD has provisions about the warning signs (see Section 2C.29) and the pavement markings (see Sections 3B.25 and 3B.26) that are associated with the use of speed humps.”

Bruce E. Friedman, P.E.
Transportation Specialist, MUTCD Team
Office of Operations
Federal Highway Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE | Washington, DC 20590