Flood Detection-Sirens Alert Residents (IMSA May-June ’17)

07 10 2017
High Water/Flood
April Spears

ELTEC’s Flood Detection with Sirens Warns Residents

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When a flash flood hits the West Bayou Oak subdivision in Houston, residents have only minutes to remove their vehicles from the parking area. In the past 10 years, the townhomes have had several vehicles totaled or severely damaged plus numerous repairs.

Flood DetectionIn South Texas and Louisiana, spring ’16 had severe flooding. Curtiss Beinhorn, a resident, reports that “approximately 70 cars were totaled in the April 18, 2016 flood. “Insurance claims and rates are out the roof.” Turkey Creek is a tributary that comes off some major rivers. Houston’s weather pattern ‘sandwiches’ the area from two directions: San Antonio Hill Country (north) and from the gulf (south). Flooding has always occurred at night; residents only have minutes to move their cars. Curtiss decided to explore various flood systems. Working with ELTEC, it was determined that a pressure sensor (creek debris could wash it away) or cell modem (overkill) was not the best solution. “We needed a real time alarm system in the form of a siren.” The two pole system is solar powered: sensor unit with power accessories and sirens, wired to a second pole on higher ground containing a toggle switch inside a secured cabinet allowing a resident to disable the sirens. ELTEC’s unique water sensor (immune to trash and debris) is mounted on a pole placed at the lower end of the parking area. The creek’s rising waters triggers the sirens alerting residents 24/7. The sirens are ON for 10 seconds, OFF for 10 seconds, until someone flips the toggle switch to turn OFF. Every ELTEC flood detection system is customized. Between customer service and product technology, the residence now have an effective flood warning system. Contact ELTEC to work with you on a flood system quote.