Keep Your School Zone Beacons On Time with an IP Time Clock

Some sections of a road, street, or highway are more dangerous than others requiring extra safety measures especially when students are present. Sometimes you need an extra attention grabber instead of only a MPH sign to get a response from complacent motorists. That’s where ELTEC comes into the picture.

For almost 50 years, our wide selection of programmable time clocks offers cities and/or DOTs (Department of Transportation) a variety of options; from stand-alone time switches to remote monitoring and management of all school zone signals. We design and manufacture several programmable time clock models that control the school zone beacon systems including an IP time clock. ELTEC has a host of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) products.

Once installed, the school zone flashing beacons don’t just run on their own. One of our most efficient time clocks to program is the IP time clock. With an IP time clock, you program the signal’s annual school schedule remotely to turn ON and OFF at pre-determined times, so that the beacon is flashing when students are going to class and leaving school for the day. ELTEC’s IP time clock, called the SYSTEM 3000, is extremely flexible. That is, communication to the office computer can be WiFi, internet, Ethernet, intranet, cell modem or a combination of all of them. The software makes the different connections transparent—it all looks the same on the computer screen.

The benefit to using an IP time clock in conjunction with school zone warning lights is that the timing is managed remotely from your computer. This allows signal technicians to change the timing of the flashing beacons remotely whenever needed: emergencies such as inclement weather moving in, a delayed school day opening, plumbing issue, or any other unplanned event.

You may be able to add time clocks to already functioning school zone warning system. IP time clocks are easy to install (plug & play) and generally can be retrofitted to any traffic manufacturer’s warning system.

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