Highly visible Traffic Warning Signals for safe pedestrian crossings

If you’re responsible for ensuring crosswalks, school crossings and residential streets are safe for your city, you understand what makes midblock crossings dangerous. Traditional warning signals do not offer enough protection for individuals crossing the street. These areas deserve special attention and additional warning systems to help prevent accidents. ELTEC also understands this danger. We’ve made it our business to keep people safe.

ELTEC manufactures two pedestrian warning systems. Our most popular is the rectangular rapid flashing beacon, also known as RRFB. These beacons are a low cost alternative to traffic signals. They are approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to greatly improve driver yield rates to pedestrians. RRFB’s are quickly becoming an industry standard as a perfect solution for problem crossings that need special attention. The FHWA has approved the use of RRFB’s for use at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings and school crosswalks.

RRFB lights flash in a rapid flicking pattern that is completely different than the flashing of any other warning signals on today’s market. The indications or signals used are similar to emergency vehicles. This alerts drivers to know pedestrians are crossing the street in a very effective manner. This makes these perfect for those areas that pose an unusual danger, like new school crosswalks, or areas where visibility of individuals crossing is a problem.

Not every crosswalk should use a RRFB. ELTEC designs and manufactures another pedestrian crossing; the HAWK also known as a pedestrian hybrid beacon. The hybrid activated crossing has a set of red and yellow signals that are activated by the pedestrian to STOP oncoming traffic in both directions as well as a Walk/ Don’t walk signal facing the pedestrian. This system stops traffic allowing pedestrians greater safety when crossing the street. The system also uses red flashing beacons to allow drivers to proceed once the roadway is clear. This shortens delays of waiting on a traditional signal.

ELTEC can power both RRFB’s and HAWK systems with solar (DC) power or AC power from the grid where available. These special warning signals have been used very effectively to minimize traffic and danger issues, in particularly threatening areas.

Talk with your ELTEC dealer about adding traffic warning signals for pedestrian crossings for your most dangerous crosswalk areas. Your local dealer can also show you how the signals and timers work so that you can learn all the ins and outs of putting these particularly effective signals to work in your town. Find a dealer on our dealers page or call us at 800-277-1734.