Controlling Traffic for Pedestrian Safety

As a pedestrian, crossing the street can be dangerous, especially when it is nighttime, raining, or a highly congested street. Additionally, the MPH speed limit adds an additional hazardous condition the higher it is. It can also present dangers to motorists who may have to stop abruptly, or create congestion in high traffic areas. The solution to these issues is to have the safest pedestrian crossing approved in the traffic industry.

The HAWK Crosswalk Solution

In some cases, under the MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards, a traffic signal (Red, Yellow, Green) is not warranted. That is, the requirements for installing an intersection controller to STOP motorists does not meet the criteria. If this is the case, unfortunately pedestrians can be subject to risky crosswalk locations and dangerous traffic conditions. This is where the HAWK Crosswalk controls traffic by requiring motorists to STOP for pedestrians with red signals. The HAWK crosswalk, also known as a “Hybrid” Crosswalk, is an approved MUTCD option. At ELTEC, we offer this system which provides an affordable way to protect pedestrians crossing a street or busy highway.

The HAWK acronym stands for “High-intensity Activated Crosswalk”. The HAWK Crosswalk is activated by the pedestrian and consists of a special hybrid beacon face that warns and regulates traffic flow at marked and un-signalized crosswalks, aiding pedestrians to cross a street or highway safely.

Using our innovative technology, the Mikros EIC (ELTEC Intelligent Controller), municipalities or DOTs (Department of Transportation) can have solar powered with wireless communication/activation between the poles on both sides of the street/highway.

A typical pole must meet the following standards as provided by MUTCD (Chapter 4F 2009 Edition):

  • • At each end of crosswalk: One pedestrian signal head (WALK/DON’T WALK) with countdown timer
  • • For each approach: Two 3-signal beacon assemblies (min. requirement)
  • • Pedestrian Activated: push button or passive

Features and Benefits

There are an array of features and benefits that come with our HAWK pedestrian crossing system. They include:

  • • Customized solar sizing for sufficient power in winter
  • • 25 Month Warranty
  • • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • • Maintenance-free AGM battery for better performance in cold weather
  • • Less expensive than using a standard controller with a pad-mounted cabinet

The HAWK is a low voltage system that comes with a DC pedestrian head with countdown timer. The LEDs supplied also consume very low wattage (< 5 watts). This unit is available in both AC and DC/solar configurations. The HAWK crosswalk is a very flexible system that can be made-to-order to your project requirements. It offers a pedestrian push button with brand flexibility. The solar panels have site-specific mounting options. Contact us today to learn more about this and other reliable traffic warning systems!