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Solar Panel Rack Styles

Solar Panel Rack Styles

Below are photos of different designs of solar panel mounting racks. Most
of the time the style used is customer preference or project specifications.
Aesthetics, performance, wind rating requirements, or local conditions
(tree height, building shading, etc) dictates a particular rack style. When
quoting a project, please let us know if you have a specific type you’d prefer.
Specification sheets are available upon request.

TOP-OF-POLE: two styles

This mounting rack is like a roof over the top of the pole. The rack is secured to
the pole side, not on the top. The pole requires a cap.

Top-of-pole mounting rack

Top-of-Pole Solar Panel Mounting Rack

The post top style uses a slip fitter that sits on top of the pole. It’s secured
to the pole top with set screws.

Post Top Rack Installation (full view)

Post Top Solar Panel
Mounting Rack

Post Top Rack Installation (full view)

Post Top Rack Installation
(full view)


The side-of-pole rack is exactly that. Knee braces are used for additional support.

Side-of-Pole Mounting Rack with Knee Brace

Side-of-Pole Mounting Rack with Knee Brace

Dual Solar Panels with Knee Brace for Additional Support

Dual Solar Panels with Knee Brace for Additional Support

Solar Panel Rack Installation

Solar Rack Installation


Since solar panel racks come in a variety of styles, the easiest way to get your installation questions answered is to click on the appropriate manufacturer’s link below.

IRONRIDGE Installation Manual
UNI-SP-01 Manual

Typically above the 40th parallel a solar panel is angled at 60 degrees. Below the 40th parallel, the solar panel tends to be positioned at a 45 degree angle. Once in awhile a specification requires something different.

Click here for a solar panel tilt drawing

The 40th parallel north passes through: CA, NV, UT, CO, NE/KS border, MO, IL, IN, OH, WV, PA and NJ.



Return Material Authorization

Much of the time issues with products can be solved without physically returning the item. We encourage you to call Technical Support during normal business hours (8AM-5PM Central Time Zone) at 800-227-1734 or 903-938-1901 or Email ELTEC‘s technical support staff at

Should we not be able to resolve the problem, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will be issued.  Contact us for an RMA number.  The form will be email or faxed to the person handling the return.  A printed copy must be included with the item(s) being returned.

Phone: 800-227-1734
Phone: 903-938-1901


Products requiring WARRANTY or REPAIR service ship prepaid to:

1310 Commerce Street
Marshall, TX 75672

Be sure to write the R.M.A. number on the outside of the carton.


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