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Always Green Traffic Control – Congestion Solution (Aerial View)

Congestion wastes gas

The U.S. Treasury Department estimates that traffic congestion wastes 1.9 billion gallons of gas and costs American drivers $100 billion a year in lost fuel and time. With more than 311,000 traffic lights in the country, every second sitting at red lights adds up.

This is an aerial view of Always Green Traffic Control at an intersection northward and eastward traffic flows are 2650 vehicles per hour. Southward and Westward are 850 vph. This is peak flow & very heavy traffic.

Congestion Solution – Always Green Traffic Control

This has never been done before, 7,100 vehicles per hour (vph) and no queueing. Always Green Traffic Control (AGTC) is carrying 2650 vph loads North and East, 850 vph loads South and West with absolutely no queueing. Without AGTC the same loads cause massive backups.

Marshall, TX would benefit from my technology. Annoying stops on highways like 59 and 80 could be eliminated along with the long stops for cross traffic. This technology can give freeway-like travel to outdated highways like 59 and 80 and make them and the towns along them relevant again by making travel on them pleasant and efficient.

Ambulance Drone Technology

Each year nearly a million people in Europe suffer from a cardiac arrest. A mere 8% survives due to slow response times of emergency services. The ambulance-drone is capable of saving lives with an integrated defibrillator. The goal is to improve existing emergency infrastructure with a network of drones. This new type of drones can go over 100 km/h and reaches its destination within 1 minute, which increases chance of survival from 8% to 80%! This drone folds up and becomes a toolbox for all kind of emergency supplies. Future implementations will also serve other use cases such as drowning, diabetes, respiratory issues and traumas.

Marshall News Messenger – Celebrating the Sun 6/20/2010

Terri Richardson <>
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Solar power continues to grow in popularity and using solar energy is a mainstay for products created at Marshall’s Electrotechnics Corporation (ELTEC), 1310 Commerce St., which manufactures a variety of traffic systems.

“We have been working with solar for 20 years. In 2000, we probably sold 100 systems compared with the 600 sold this year,” said ELTEC President Bill Marshall.

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