Are Solar Powered Flashing Beacons Right for My Application?

The primary measurement for choosing to install traffic warning signals is their effectiveness in deterring accidents. As you evaluate which type of system to add for new crosswalks, dangerous curves or intersections and other areas, you want to choose those that have proven to make areas safer.

The most reliable warning signals can be counted on regardless of the weather or other factors. To ensure you have the most dependable traffic warning system at the area with the issue, choose solar powered flashing beacons. ELTEC’s solar powered traffic systems are reliable because they all contain a backup system due to the battery in each pole mounted cabinet to keep the warning signal(s) running in the event of a power outage. During long winter nights and long periods of bad weather, warning signals are even more important, making the dependability of a solar powered warning system with its’ backup power a huge advantage.

Will your signal be located close enough to the AC power grid connection to use it? When it comes to flexibility, all ELTEC warning systems can be manufactured with either AC or DC (solar power). You may need to choose a solar powered beacon for remote locations that don’t have AC power readily available. Many engineers still choose to add a solar system even when AC power is available. Many municipalities have chosen to install only solar powered caution systems making a “green choice”.

It’s important to consider all the features available as you choose the right warning signals. Added features such as a programmable time clock, automatic motion detection, pedestrian activation counters, and/or remote monitoring, to name a few, allow you to customize your traffic warning system using DC solar powered flashing beacons for your situation. This feature alone is critical in helping you respond to your town’s traffic and safety problems as they become evident.