Warning Systems – Safe and Reliable

As a leading manufacturer of traffic warning systems, ELTEC offers a wide range of traffic warning signals. Using power from the sun (DC) or from the grid (AC) each system addresses a traffic safety issue. From schools, to jogging or horse trail crossings, to flood detection and warning, we offer customizable traffic safety solutions to meet project requirements. With ELTEC’s experience and expertise in solar power, we guarantee efficient, reliable, and maintenance free solar powered flashing beacon systems especially ones flashing 24-hours a day.

Pedestrian and School Systems Designed with Safety in Mind

ELTEC offers a variety of pedestrian crossing systems equipped with different warning signals. When motorist are required to YIELD the options include rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) light bars or standard round LED flashing beacons.

When pedestrians are facing added hazardous traffic conditions, a Hybrid Pedestrian Crosswalk System called HAWK is an approved option. HAWK stands for High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk. When a traffic signal is not justifiable, traffic engineers can specify this crosswalk; traffic is required to STOP. It can be powered with AC if solar power is not specified.

UUsing one of our programmable time clocks, school zone beacons flash when students are coming or leaving school. School zone lights are installed on the streets surrounding the school creating a safe zone for active kids.

Disaster and Emergency Warning Systems for Safe Traffic Operations

ELTEC’s emergency vehicle warning systems ensures that fire trucks/ambulances and civilian vehicles are safely coordinated during an emergency. The traffic warning signals permit the right-of-way to emergency vehicles exiting their facility, alerting motorists that they are leaving their station. This ensures better safety of both motorists and first responders. In addition, we offer an emergency vehicle hybrid beacon (EVHB) system, which STOPS motorists when high speeds or heavy traffic makes it difficult for emergency vehicles to exit.

ELTEC also designs flood detection system as well as other intelligent warning systems. Our unique sensor identifies wet and flooded roads alerting motorists of dangerous road conditions.

All caution and warning systems can be either AC or solar powered and are MUTCD compliant.

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